Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just a little catch up

Clockwise from top left corner.

Went to gym at Penang. Worked out a little. Couldn't feel my own legs after cycling for 30 minutes which burn 140 calories. Haha. Not bad. Feeling good after a heavy sweat. Maybe I should really hit the gym more often. :)

Blue sky in Lancaster! Sent by Evelyn. Ahhhh. Makes me wanna go overseas more :3

Result day. Simply nervous to know what I got for my Edexcel exam. Was supposed to have breakfast with the gang but caught in a massive jam while heading to college. So dad dumped me at Sri Petaling LRT and I had to take the train in order to reach college. And I reached college at 11. Felt so sorry for my friends. Got 3A* and 1A. Physics was unexpected, got an A* for it, wask shocked. And a B for chemistry unit 5 was like, omg for me. But I'm really grateful and satisfied for what I have. Thank you God. Thank you for giving me more than I've expected. (I only expected 2A* from maths and further maths)

Went out with Szu Yan and Yee Ching to have a little catch up session. Evelyn is dearly miss. Had a wonderful day with Szu Yan at Midvalley and had an amazing dinner with these two. Talking about our future plans, trip to Bandung and such. Sigh, time flies and we're turning 20 very soon! No more teenager :( Missing high school a lot lately.

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