Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time, was too busy doing maths homework! LOL, okay I know the homeworks are not that much, but im just too lazy to do it first and i'll always keep it till the end, then only i'll do~ Facebook and dramas always come first when i reached home and switched on the laptop, so you know, bloggie was abandoned xDDDD Please forgive me once again, readers :D I love you!

before heading to TCSH.

Today, 18th July, i went to a jogathon with neeco darling :D The event is Jog For Hope ♥~ It's my very first time to join the event that organised by Taylors Sri Hartamas campus :) At the beginning i decide whether to join this event is becoz i need some exercise to burn my excess fats off, somehow one day, neeco rang me up and asked me whether i wanna join the jog for hope thingy, i straight away answered yes without hesitate xD Since i havent seen neeco for ages, and i can knw some new frens in Taylors, why not join this jogathon! hehe ;)

Reached thr around 7am, not much people if compared to the Jogathon Warisan i went during april/may~ Met up with neeco and we went to take our shirt. Suddenly i saw someone familiar passed by me, OMG! It's Siang Lunn!!!! The fat guy which is now a slim guy i met 2 yrs ago in 8tv maths game audition! I yelled his name out but he didnt hear -_________- luckily his fren heard and told him, and he came back to say hi, hehehehehe :D I thought he was in England.

While walking to the registration counter, met Leon from Kuen Cheng. HAHA he was the only KC zai who participated in this Jog4Hope thingy~ He told us the other are sleeping soundly at home -,- swt.

Took our Jog4Hope t-shirts and went to change. While resting at the tables corner, Siang Lunn and his fren came and chit chat with me and neeco. Siang Lunn said he's having his summer holidays for 3 months tht's y he's in Malaysia now. According to him, A levels maths in England is sup sup sui for him LOL xD Catched up with him a little and we went to prepare for the run.

Met some MCKL-ians thr, i only know two of them which are Ooi Ning and Leon, my seniors~ Felt so excited when i saw someone from mckl, becoz this proved tht im not the only one! LOL xD

8.15am, the run started. Me and neeco jog for a distance and slowed down and started to walk. Walk har, run har, walk har run har, then walk walk walk... xDDDD LOOOOOOL was gossiping with her tht's why we're not running, hehehehehehe this is wat two girls do when they havent meet each other for ages! xDDDDD We managed to finish the whole journey in about one hour time, aiyar not bad larh~ 6km mah xD

Leon (kc) won the top 30 runners, not bad. At least, better than me and neeco, this is for sure. Not sure whether any mckl-ians won any prizes, i was too lazy to find out :P Went to get our goodie bags and went to change our clothes.

with Siang Lunn while walking to the toilet to change my shirt ;D

Me and neeco, camwhored in the toilet. xDDDDDD (another thing tht girls always do ;)

Some awesome frens of neeco in Taylors: Victor, Boon Yang and Cae Zun :)

Walked around with neeco, and we went for breakfast with Leon.

Ate in a kopitiam in Plaza Damas(not sure whether it is spelled in this way), the food was okay okay la~ I had meesiam as breakfast while Leon had Char Kuey Teow and Neeco had Nasi Lemak, typical malaysia food :) Chat with Leon about stuffs in kc and cui sui a while, then he went back home, while me and neeco went long gai in Hartamas Shopping Centre.

LOL! spot Leon? haha, buh byeeeeeeeeee! ;)

We went round the whole Plaza Damas and headed into the Hartamas Shopping Centre. Saw many pretty accessories and shirts!!!! omg, but i need to remind myself, i have no money to shop this month. fml D: Too many things to buy, too little money to spend. TT Walk walk walk, until we reached Times Bookstore. Went in to lepak. xDDDDD

Lepak, as in, we dont buy things. Only kacau around the things in the bookstore, nyahahahahhaha xD

Me, sitting on the floor, taking this stupid photo with "myself" ---- the chocolate notebook. LOL

The exhausted neeco, leaning against the bookshelf, totally speechless of wat i've done in the picture above. xD aiyor, she oso xi guan liao lar, nvm~~~~ xDDDD

Some random quote in the bookstore. :)
Books are not made for furniture but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.
-Henry Ward Beecher

Okay i totally agree with wat Henry said, but still, i dont like books. -,- so sorry! teeheeeee ;D

Can you imagine both of us, age of 18 yrs old, checking out 3~5-yr-old kiddo stuffs?! omg, we're siao, i know right.. -____________-


1: What is this?! @_____@
2: Let me open and see! 
3: Wah! It's chocolate! omg :O
4: I shall eat it!!!!! xD
5: No lah, it's eraser in chocolate shape, please dont eat it. hehe :)

Wah! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde storybook! so chun la the cover! Not like ours in jr3, so balia :P

Taylor's University College. No, im not promoting Taylors, im from mckl!!!! :DDDD

Siao zha bo xDDDDDD ignore me.

Leng lui neekiieee! :D

Can you believe we actually stayed in the bookstor abt 45minutes I think? xDDDDD Too much time, bt ntg to do. LOL xD and we only bought something which cost RM3. xDDDDDD After the bookstore, i suddenly have a strong urge to pangsai, LOL so we went to toilet la duhhh.. ahahahahahhaha! Please forgive me to be such disgusting, im too high today! I dont care wat i typed xDDDDD

 Us in the toilet :D

Went Shojikiya after that, bought ice cream and we sat at some random corner and start some heart-to-heart talkings ;) ♥ I always feel great to catch up with my buddies all the time, okay larh, I knw im 8, i wanna knw everything! but it's also my way of caring for my frens mah! hehehehehehe xD

me and neeco, me with my greentea ice cream and neeco with her strawberry ice cream :)

Trust me, if you have the chance, try the greentea ice cream! It's totally awesome! ♥

After those heart-to-heart talkings and crap talkings, we walked around the shopping centre lah~ ntg much, but spotted some real pretty shirts, but they're so exxy!!! I shud've listen to neeco and go to sg. wang with her to hunt for some real pretty and cheapo shirts! arghhhhh i have no money!!!! fml max.Next month la har, neeco ;)

Camwhoring everywhere we could. We just need a mirror to reflec our images xDDDDD sexy legs muahahahahahahha (sorry to cover neeco's face, lol tht one too farnie to put it out, if i put it out, she will kill me no matter wat. xD)

Walked until around 1.30pm then we went home already. Mum was here, and she wanted to get some new wok, according to her, thr's 50% promotion, so i met up with her and to be her kakak to carry everything she bought. haiyorrrrrrr~ tired la. :(

Went home after that. Tons of maths homeworks are waiting for me at home. TT

you could just ignore me again. xDDDDD

Okay okay! I shall end this post with my Jog For Hope Certificate and stick my butt on the chair to finish my maths homework! So that I wont kena tembak by Ms Lim on monday ;D




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