Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wen Wen's 18th burstdaeee! :D


I know I've been abonding my blog for quite sometimes, and I know you all wont forgive me one la! So I wont ask for your forgiveness. HAHA. xD

Sorry for being so lazy to update my blog, coz skool has started and well, I'm not in the mood to blog about my uni life, just, can't get used to it with the environment, peoples, culture, and bla and bla bla bla!

What I can say is, KC High has been really a good skool to me for 5.25 years! TT and I'm proud to say I'm from KC High when people ask me! :D :D

Okay, enough of talking craps, gonna blog about Stephenie @ Wen Wen's 18th birthday party! ;) I was invited to her party yesterday, it's been ages since I ever went to a birthday party liao. Finally got a chance to go ppl's bday party now~ xD hehe

yesterday's outfit. sexay meh? LOL xD

Went there around 7pm, but I reach thr about 7.30pm.. -_______________- Me and my mum were lost in Kuchai Lama! LOL called Phoebe for help, then only managed to get to the right place! :/ such a failure for finding ppl's hse la us! TT

Reached there, walao, I thought it was supposed to be a POOL SIDE partay, but everyone was wearing so glammmmmm! Like going dinner nia! xia si wo liao la..  Luckily I didnt wear tht casual, if not, I'll be so odd there.. -__________________-

Phoebe, Rainstop, Ying Yee, Vivienne, Yvonne, Hui Ying, Wong Kah Yee, Shu Yi and I are there, we're from the awesome skool KC High. LOL! xD


about 10 tables I think? :O summore got carterer, ice kacang la bla bla bla~ like so formal eh! LOL so nine of us cepat cepat find a table to settle down ourselves lor~

Phoebe and I were the hungry ghost, went to hunt for food 1st among all of us hehe. The food were awesome, I love the satay and mayo fishy! :D didnt get a chance to try the ice kacang tho, was too FULL liao.. -_______________-

Okay, I'm tired of typing, let's see the pictures la. xD

Phoebe Yap, trying to "pull" out the satay. According to her, the meat is too "hard" to be pulled out by human teeth! LOL

Phoebe, Shu Yi, and Hui Ying. Aiyah sorry blurrrrr pic. U knw lah, at night, not enough light! O.O

Wong Kah Yee, Vivienne, Ying Yee. Aiyor, leng luis! :D :D :D

Another blurr pic... >< Ying Yee the blur girl. She was whole night blurrrrrrrr... @@ dunno wat happen to her! LOL

Me and Phoebe, we were taking zillion of pictures all night long like nobody's business xD

Suddenly the birthday cake was pushed out to the centre! O.O whoa, nice cakes! the number 18 chocolate and mocha cakeS, and Happy Father's Day jelly cake! nais nais! :)

After taking the pics of cake, went back to my seat again. Taking pics with peoples! xD

 傻大姐 Phoebe and me :D

Me and Phoebe, again. xD dont get sick of us yet, coz there're many more behind! xD

Ying Yee joined our photo taking session! xD

Awwww, candid shot. Wong Kah Yee xiao jie joined us too! :D

Wong Kah Yee xiao jie, Ying Yee blur blur jie, Heng Choc, and Phoebe Yap 傻大姐! xD

FINALLY! the birthday girl joined us to take a picha! :D weeeeeee~ happy birthday!

Ying Yee, Vivienne, and Yvonne. ;)

Phoebe, being the model. -__________-

Rainstop shapo getting excited when she saw an airplane or shooting star perhaps? xD

Wong Kah Yee leng lui and me :)

The birthday girl, stephenie with wong kah yee~~ ishhhh, blur pic la! even high ISO also cant fix the problem.. TT

HAHA. Phoebe and me again. xD forgive us forgive us! 

Yvonne and me~ :))))

And finally, it's time to cut the cake!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Stephenie~
Happy Birthday to you~ :)

Stephenie and her daddy, cutting the cakes!

Stephenie with her mum? her aunt? idk, so sorry ><

With sunway's CAT collegemates! 

With the KC High-ers! :D

After cutting the cake, back to the seat, and wat else? sure is taking photos la duhh! ;)

Rainstop and me. And since she's the 1st one who liked my status saying, "First person to like this status will be put in my middle name for the rest of the week. Put this as your status and see who you get." That's why my facebook name will become "Heng Rainstop Choc", LOL xD

Tskkkk, phoebe the MODEL again. 8D

Us with the birthday girl~ 

Another shot, again, with the birthday girl! :D

Ying Yee playing with Rainstop's camera, no idea whether it's dslr or compact camera. Maybe it's half compact half dslr? xD

Phoebe and Hui Ying, aiya phoebe, knw u're tall la! :P

Yvonne and Ying Yee, the anti-social ones! xD always hide aside de, dont come out one! -,-

Our table. :D

Abt 9.45pm, mum called, and I left liao lor~ Had a great time chating with the long lost classmates! heheheeh xD tho we're nt tht close in high skool, but yet still, miss them lots! :( and this makes me miss the closer ones more!! T____T gawd.. sad dao...

Nevermind, coz something is going to happen soon! nyahahahahahah xD stay tune la! 

Oh ya, Happy Daddy's Day to every daddy!!! I love my dad! weeeeee~

and also my amanda baba, Happy BABA day! xD

One last shot of the day! thanks for reading! XOXO



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