Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pavilion with Uni Kakis and Neeco darling~

 So frankly, I have classes on friday. One class from 8 to10am while another tutorial class from 2pm to 3pm. Which means, I have FOUR blardy hours to do nothing. -_____________-


I decided to ponteng the tutorial class in the afternoon and go pavilion to shopping with Neeco! :D Mana tau, tiga orang dari group saya, Steven, Sam dan Keng Shu juga mau pergi dengan saya wor. -,- So they ponteng-ed too with me! LOL. I bet the class should be kinda quiet without us, but Uvendran is still in the class, so perhaps the class still will have some fun without us four. :P (fyi, Uvendran is a funny indian guy in my class xD)

In the morning went to biology lecture class, well, same as usual, SLEPT in class.. -_________- biology is just way too boring for me lah!! Summore when Mr. Paul (the bio lecturer) switch off the lights, walileh, lagi baik untuk tidur. xDDDDD
After the two hours of torturing bio lecture, I escaped from utar. muahahahahahah xD Was supposed to sit Sam's car to pavilion, as he offered to give me a ride, but daddy says it's better that he himself to fetch me thr.. so.. -,- sit my dad's car lo haiyo.

Sam departed from utar earlier than me, but I'm wondering why I reach pavilion earlier than him! wth his driving skills so zha mehh~ xD cant find pavilion? LOL

So I walk around pavilion and snapped some photos. ;) brought my baybeh D90 along with me, teeeheee

Pavilion!! It has been ages since I went to Pavilion. The last time I went there was like, 2 years ago?! wtf.

The fountain located in front of the main entrance. :)

Some random shots.

The three guys haven't reach Pavilion yet. -,- Had a walk inside Pavilion while waiting them to arrive. Itu neeco xiao jie oso late, she text me and said she felt asleep on the sofa, and hence she's late. aduhai!

Once entered Pavilion...

Official World Cup match ball --- Jabulani will appear in front of you!

so this is the ball darren was talking about always larh. it seems to be awesome to me, LOL. xD

Some football guys, no idea who are they. Well, I totally know nothing about football, okay? :(

Pavilion~ love the escalator's design! :D The security guard in the middle picture like posing saja.. blocking the whole view... -_______-

The steps :D

The three guys aren't there yet. Was wondering is thr any massive jams? But impossible mah, my dad come from the same road too! Why am I early and they're so late?! -,- The only possibility is, they're lost. LOL stupiak xDDDDD

Saw Adidas set up a "small size field" with cupboard-made footballers. So I went and snapped so pictures of them. 

Name them yourself. I'm football bak qi! ;)

Other shots, they are.. so fake! LOL xD

And finally, the guys arrived. -_____________- They are later than me half an hour! Aduhai, Sam's driving balia.. drive so slow~~ xDDD from left, Steven, Sam, and Keng Shun :)

Steven, Keng Shun and Me. shoot, I'm the shortest TT

Guys again: Steven, Sam and Keng Shun

Sam and Steven playing around with the Jabulani~ Keng Shun was supposed to take a jumping shot with the Jabulani, but he refused!! grahhhhh....

Us with the jabulani~ except Sam, he was holding the camera ;)

Before and after edit :DDDDDD

Sam the sampat lao, felt in love with my camera xD

Sam was the balia photographer who took this :P

Called neeco and she tell me she still need 30minutes to reach Pavilion! -,- So the guys decided to "open" a room (sounds so wrong xD) in Red Box first while waiting neeco to arrive.

Remember I told you all my purpose of coming Pavilion is to go shopping with neeco? Now I was forced by the 3 guys to go cheong k with them. wtf. -,-

On the way to Red Box~ LOL I sounded like we need to walk a long way to Red Box. xD LC sam posing on the escalator xP

Awwwww, I love this pic much! Credits to me la xD

Red Box Pavilion! the last time I came here was Teacher Shao's farewell party.. -,- which is 3 yrs ago aduhai~

When register for the room (I sound so wrong again xD), Sam actually told the person 5 person. And I was like wth?! no way no way no way! later neeco will hantam me if she dont wanna sing bt need to pay! -,- So I quickly tell the person 4 person only, luckily still can change.. if nt i sure let neeco hantam Dx

So we went in and sing first while waiting for neeco to arrive :D long time din sing liao~ hehe

the guys singing look xD

Keng Shun dont know see wat see until so shocked, Steven day dreaming his gf xDDDD

Some random shots of the guys' singing pose xD

LOL dont ask me why I took so much shots of him, I have no idea why too! xD He's too funny to take liao~ xDDDD
Keng Shun with his funny stunned singing face expression! xDDDD

Steven Lee punya~ So little only.. LOL

And finally, Neeco xiao jie reached liao! :D

Introduced neeco to the guys and introduced the guys to neeco, I'm the intermediater! xD

lunchtime! eff them la! eat so much bt wont fat one. -,- especially tht Keng Shun ahh, eat two full plates of food plus a creamy soup, is the most thin among all of them! wtf hate you keng shun! TT

singing and eating at the same time :/

k yeng pose of singing xDDDDDD

Neeco darling~ leng lui dao... :D :D :D

Stayed in Red Box until 12+ a bit, then we faster say we wanna leave liao! Coz later no enough time for us to shopping! LOL girls girls.. tsk tsk tsk.. xDDDD and we made a promise with them that we will come back later and meet them up for our lunch! :D

Neeco and me~ :D and silly her with her "new" dress? xDDDD nice right?

After long-gai-ing a while in Pavilion, we headed to Forever 21!!! woooooo~ xD

Trying on clothes in Forever 21~ seriously, their cuttings are weird :/

Me on the left, neeco on the right. Ignore my bra, LOL. xD

Try baju try until half, suddenly that Sam called us and asked us to go back Red Box. I asked why, and he said need to pay liao.. -___________- wtf I try baju until half de lor! -,- no choice, promised them we will go back, so we put our clothes at the cashier and went to Red Box to pay..

And I thought they wanna join me and neeco for lunch, but they asked me to stay and sing wor! and wait another half an hour!!! aiyor tak boleh la.. -____- neeco and I are hungry.. so after paying I left them and went to eat my lunch with neeco~ :D

Went to this Mexican Canteena, they're having lunch time promotion~ RM15+ per person! worth it wad~! :D

The atmosphere was comfortable~ but fyi, it's a restaurant that provide Shisha for the customers, so if you dont mind the smell, then u can choose to have ur meal thr; but if u mind, pls dont go then :X 

But the Shisha's smell thr was nt bad tho, LOL. Sweet smell.. xD bt we sat at the non-smoking area, so doesnt hav much effects on us la xD

Random random :)

Silly me and leng lui neeco x)

Neeco's beef fried rice and my chicken spagetti! We rate full marks for it!! Totally great!!! It's a must try if you go Pavilion~ xD 

And suddenly again, Sam called and asked me where are us. I told him we're in the lower floor frm Red Box, in a restaurant named bla bla Mexican Canteena. And he said ok and he's coming to join us. Mana tau... -______- after 10minutes he called and say he cant find the restaurant and put the blame on me saying I gave wrong directions! wthhhhh -,- my fault pulak.... So I went out and find them lo :/

and after 5minutes, finally found them -,-

the guys~ keng shun reali like ah pek xD 

LOOOOOOOOOOL! Keng Shun the murderer? Keng Shun the pervert? xDDDDD lol jk, no offence xD

After chating a while in the restaurant, we seperate, the guys walk by their own while me and neeco continue our shopping! xD Finally those guys are gone.. LOL it's uncomfortable with guys following you when u're shopping.. :/ for me and neeco la.. xD

Shots in the toilet. xD girls~~~~

me and neeco~ :D ignore my fugly face la! TT clipped my fringe becoz it's too hot liao.. :(

Continue our shopping. Went Forever 21 again, and had a tough time choosing the clothes. But ended up I didnt buy anything while Neeco bought quite a lot. LOL xD Then went MnG, ahha! I finally found a pair of jeans! weeeee, bought it! xD MnG having sales mah~~~ :D

Neeco and Coach; Coach and Neeco? :D

After that, we went to Sg. Wang, was supposed to do manicure and neeco doing her pedicure. But too bad the shops is packed with customers and we're rushing... D; so too bad cant do liao.. coz need to go home.. TT

Sighhh~ Cant do this time, then do nxt time lor! LOL. xD Went home after that :') Will miss ya neeco! Had a great day with u darl! <3

End of post.


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