Friday, May 07, 2010

Bitting the lower lips.

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Sorry for not blogging for days, the lazyness is getting on my nerves recently, forgive me my dears. I know you love me! bwahahahahahahah, perasan-nya~ :DDDD

So I'll be blogging 3 days in the post.

1/5/2010 - Labours Day

Romeo & Juliet Ballet Concert.

It was Yee Ching's ballet concert. Me, Yee Xuan, Zhai Li, Jia Hwei and Vwrene went to support her very first ballet concert~ stupiak Szu Yan went back to Malacca again and fong fei gei us! TT how could you do this to us huh?! o.o!!!!

Went to pick up yee xuan frm the lrt station and we headed to KLPAC, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, which I dont knw where on earth is this place!!! -____________- Luckily i printed the map yee ching gave me and my dad just followed the map to there. Arhem, I was scolded by my dad while giving direction to him according to the map... YOR! I just tell wat I read from the map mah, scold me pulak!!! TT

Nevermind, next time dont wanna give directions liao, hmmp! :P

Reached KLPAC, met up with Zhai Li, Jia Hwei and Vwrene beside the lake, with tortoise in it. xD

From left, Zhai Li, Vwrene and Jia Hwei.

Emo Yee Xuan, please dont commit suicide by jumping into the lake! I wont save you, you know? xDDD *just kidding*

Zhai Li, Vwrene, Jia Hwei, Yee Xuan.
Awww, dont you think that pics in black and white is just like flashbacks? :)

Vwrene, Jia Hwei, Yee Xuan. Mature much? o.O? xD

Choc, Zhai Li, Yee Xuan, Jia Hwei, Vwrene.
The five of us. 

Jia Hwei the cactus. Her lame jokes never fail to make us laugh. xDDDDD

Chit-chatted a while beside the lake, and the topic is always about studies, studies, studies and studies. Coz I think Im the one who brought up the topic la, so sorry! Coz Im in a cross road nw mah, A levels, Canadian Pre-U, American Degree Transfer Program, Utar foundation, JPA... bla bla bla... lotsa stuffs to think you know~?

Every single move I made, I must think of the consequences, I must bear full resposibilities to it. :/

Aiyak, just chatted a while on studies, then we switched topic to driving liao. xDDDD Zhai Li, Vwrene and Jia Hwei had passed their undang, and they said it's easy, and make me felt not so worry. xD fyi, I'd passed my undang on monday too! 47/50 muahahahahahahah! And I'd attend the amali thingy liao, soon I'll get my L lisence, and learn driving! teeheee ;)))))

Time's up and we went into the hall.

Inside the hall. 
Hmm, sorry for the blurry pic. No idea, light's not enough. :/

The concert is based on the Shakespearean classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, here comes a ballet about two young star-crossed lovers performed by students of Masean Arts and Dance Academy. Masean Arts and Dance Academy together with City Ballet Academy and Baletto are proud to present a complete classical ballet production of Romeo and Juliet. In addition, Masean Arts and dance Academy will also be raising funds for World Vision Malaysia and Tzu-Chi Foundation.
(copied from

There were several performances before the main show is performed. We're not allow to capture photos and videos, so very sorry, no photos! How sad.. TT cant take a pic of yee ching liao!

Spotted Yee Ching in her performances. She can be spotted easily la, coz she too think liao! xDDDD The performances in the beginning was great, not that sien. Until it reaches the "prize giving ceremony", then me and yee xuan almost felt asleep, or we did slept. -____________- boh bian, too sien liao.

Then finally the main show is up. 

This was the Romeo.
*arhem, not leng zai one. :P*

This was the Juliet.
*arhem, also not leng lui one. :P*

Okay, seriously it was boring. >< Forgive me for being too honest! xDDD It was a great show, the ballet moves were nice, the clothes were nice.. and bla bla blasss. But then storyline too long too po ma liao.. I was yawning like nobody's business while yee xuan was sleeping! LOL. xD 

Then until the 15minutes breaktime, we took some pictures, and me and yee xuan left. It's a sad case that we didnt have the chance to take a picture with yee ching! TT

Us in the hall
Look at my hand's skin colour. Aduhai, hate it whey! Like mangali only. -,-

Till then, the end. Good job yee ching! *thumbs up for you!*

4/5/2010 - It's just tuesday.

As usual, I went back to skool for huo dong so as to wait for the time for tuition to come. 8DDDD Reached skool 1st, the sports societies were having meeting in the hall, Elynn havent reach skool yet, and left me alone, walking around the skool compound. And because, I didnt tie my bun and wearing a pair of slippers, the xue dis xue meis were staring and me and giving me a weird look. -__________- 

Until I met Win Siang outside the teachers office.He asked me to take some pictures of him because he said that my facebook album always fulled with volleyball guys only, dont have him wor! xD

Talked a while and suddenly teacher tan popped up. She chased winsiang to pass up his badminton fees, and guess wat winsiang said?

"My dad is having a crisis." 

-__________________- (me and teacher)

Teacher went away, and the furry guy Daniel came and kacau. xD

I guess I'll be killed by him if he knows that I'd posted many pic of him in my blog. blehhhhhh :P

Wei Xiang, with his candid bright smile :)

Oh ya, Win Siang said my camera is very leng zai! And his camera is very leng lui! -,- So our camera can get married and give birth to camera offsprings that are leng zais and leng luis too lar? Just being lame. xD Darren joined us talking after a while. And then, the meeting was dismissed. That means teacher gan and 190 are walking out of the hall. NO WONDER THE 3 GUYS RAN AWAY AND HIDE THEMSELVES ONCE THEY HEARD THE WHISTLE SOUND! roflmao, like malaus running away! xDDDD

After the meeting is dismissed, and Elynn reached too, meet up with Mariam and started to talking around. Btw, I ran with Yue Er 1 round with my slippers. Aduhai, killing larh. -,- Then continue on some talkings again.

I've no idea why Dylan this leng zai suddenly popped up in the middle of our girls' conversation.

Elynn pijak-ing Dylan.

Aiks, Mariam is the only one still having skool now, and is busy doing her maths homeworks. But then later on she failed to continue her work coz it's too hard maybe? xD Me and Elynn played vball a while and the sky is going black black black, and *psssssssssssuhhhhhh!* RAINING! -,- This is not the first time raining liao lar.. sad sei me, everytime oso cant play nicely! :'(

So I went canteen with Elynn to buy a bottle of 100plus for darren, my sailou. Owe him for ages liao, so decided to give him the 100plus lo and to buy a coupon from him. Then we went into the hall, arhem, somebody looking at somebody, liddat, liddat, bla bla bla, then went out, find another sailou, jack to buy another coupon from him. But he dont hav a pocket and dont wanna collect my money! -,- aiya cin cai lo.

Then went back to the volleyball court and teman XinYi to canteen. Passed by Jean and he was smiling to me like a sorlou. o.o like wanna say something bt cant speak liddat! I've no idea wat does he wants! -,- until xinyi asked me to say "hi" to him, then he gave me a bright wide smile and then continue his meal. SWEAT MAX.

I was late again. Sam and Yee Xuan walked to KL Sentral and Im gonna walked alone again. Met Jean (Chow) and we walked across the bridge. AND, HAHA. talked many secrets ehh! xDDDD Reached KL Sentral, went to guardian with them coz teacher will be late due to the traffic congestion. Trying on almost every perfume on the rack, Sam is gonna buy one for her mum. :)

HAM BA LANG perfume oso spray spray spray, until our body become dunno wat smell is that. -,- went for tuition after that.

This time was Burger King.
Never order the BK Fish Burger, totally sucks! :X

Sam the leng lui. ;)

The end. :)

5/5/10 - Midvalley wednesday!

Went to Midvalley for a gathering with Elynn and Cheryl. fyi, both of them are leaving us soon.. TT which I mean, we cant see them that often ady, coz Elynn is leaving for Johor Matrikulasi and Cheryl is leaving to her hostel in TARC, Setapak, both on monday. TT ah shiattttt... Im so so so so gonna miss my buddies a lot larh!!! TT

I reached mv at 10am, waiting cheryl to reach and we went for Ip Man 2 at 11am, freakin early, and it's only RM7 for the ticket, ahh cheapnya! xDDDDD The movie was pretty awesome, I love especially the continuosly punching of ip man! waliao eh, so yeng lor! xD I was "ush" "ahh" "yesss!" while ip man was hitting the guai lou! and cheryl gave me a -__________- look. teeheee! ;))

After the movie, we went walking around many shops and wait for nicole to arrive. HAHA. We went to the new Cotton On in midvalley! oh gosh, the baju there are really really nais! Tried on some shirts and pants with cheryl, and she's in love with Cotton On already. and fyi, it was our first time to Cotton On! 8D Didnt buy anything yet coz havent found the ngam one, so we went walking around 1st, and then meet up with Nicole.

Waseh, 3 of us went to Cotton On, again! o.o Coz Nicole wanna hunt for some shirts! So it's me and cheryl's second time to Cotton On. hehehehehehe, tried on a lot of clothes again, and 3 of us throwing the shirts here and there to try on different ones! And seriously laughing out loud in the fitting room. I wonder wat does the staff there thinks? We're crazy? Yes, we are, so what? :P

Change until halfway, Elynn and Mariam reached mv and meet us in Cotton On. GAHAHAAHAHAHAH. Mariam tried on some sexy short pants whey! so chun!!! xDDDDD Then the mariam was complaining her tummy has been grumbbling since second recess, so we headed to Pasta Zanmai. :)

Elynn, Nicole, Mariam, Cheryl. :) again, no me. T^T

Pasta Zanmai. 

Ordered our food and started to talking craps around while waiting for our food. I was supposed to save money for my shirts this month, but then, pasta zanmai all so expensive~~ TT money gone again! Aiyak, nvm lor, it's our LAST MEAL liao mah. (say until like wanna die ady. xDDDD)

Cheryl Teh Li Fern, the cow.
Going to move into hostel next monday. TT She's taking bla, i forget wat course again, dont know it's business or marketing or finance liao. Bt, these 3 are related to mah right? So either one la haiyo! :P

Me and Elynn.
How do I live without you~~~~~ o______o can die liao lor me, Chin Elynn ahh Chin Elynn.. You go until Johor so far, how can I find you when I miss you? How can I find you when I have troubles? How can I seek for ur advices when I have *arhem* secrets? TT but, lucking i still hav mariam. xD

You go liao Johor hor, better always update ur blog, if you can la. And and, must open webcam let me see u got fat liao anot ahh? xDDD or thin liao? o.o! And, dont fall for other guys wor! hahahahahahaha!!! xDDDDDD coz u're mine, tau tau?? :P


Mariam the baby and Cheryl the cow. lalalaaaa~ :P

Sexy Neeco darling and baby Mariam.

Then, our food is serving one by one.. Hmm, Elynn's, Cheryl's, Neeco's, mine.. but not Mariam's one, which is the most hungry among all of us! hahahahahahahahaha! She was suffering seeing all of us happily enjoying our mouth-watering pasta while she is just staring at our food! :P Asked her to have some of ours, but she refused to take, she says she's having PUASA now. wat the dong dong. -,- 


Cheryl's. (sounds like Beryls. xD)


Look at the baby Mariam, staring at Cheryl's food. LOL. xD

And finally, Mariam's food is served. The sad mariam transformed to happy mariam when she saw her food arriving. sampat po! :PPPPPP Who ask you to PUASA leh? xDDDDD

Click to enlarge the pic, and notice her face expression.
Super frust when she dont hav her food, and super happy when she got her food! -,-
Super contrast.

Eating and talking craps again at the same moment. And, we gave cheryl a muslim name! xD Cheryl Li Fern Binti Teh!! woots. xDDDD Had been talking a lot in Pasta Zanmai and time flies!!! TT

Five of us in Pasta Zanmai. Will be missing the craps talking moment darn lot. T^T

Mariam left, and then 4 of us went to Cotton On, again. xDDDDD 

Me and Neeco went to the toilet 1st while Elynn and Cheryl went to Cotton On 1st. Camwhore in the toilet as usual :DDDDD

Went to Cotton On, mana tau Elynn said she had to leave. TT yerrrr, dont know until when only can see my darling liao, since she's leaving on monday.. TT shiat, gonna miss you so much!!!! Hugged, and then she left. Then 3 of us continue to loiter in Cotton On, and neeco bought shirts! Finally, spent money liao. LOL, it's like a huge success, coz it's the 3rd time we went to Cotton On in one day and finally bought a piece of thing! xDDDD

Then Cheryl needs to leave again. TT yerrrrrr, im gonna miss her again liao. But she's still okay la, coz she's in setapak only mah.. :P and next year i'll be going to the utar setapak campus oso la! So no worries la, we still very near to each other! xDDDD

Left me and neeco walking around mv. Went to MnG, tried sibeh banyak different colour tanks. xDDDD sampat dao ahh, summore exchange lai exchange qu tim! xDDDD and then bought a tank lor.

Haih, it's always gonna seperate again. Time to leave liao, send neeco to the escalator, then I went to Starbucks to wait for my dad luu~
Had fun with my buddies today and I'm looking forward for the next gathering with my 3 beloved ones, yee ching, evelyn and yee ching!! Better meet up with each other before my uni starts! :DDD

Finish updating, ciaoz. It's 1.05am now.

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