Monday, February 15, 2010

Dedicated only for them. =)


just read ahn shi i's blog, did my blog juz make u all felt emo?!?!?! arghh.. sorry, my bad..
i knw u all really miss the high school life, miss the teachers, miss us, miss everything.
not only u all miss us only, we do, miss u all too, okay?!?!?!
everytime i turn my head, finding the shadows tht belonged to u all..
and i cant find them.. i felt sad too la... T^T
sorry larh my bad for making u all sad... ><
im juz sharing the photos? o.O
ok lar, dun sad..

coz here a post for y'all!!!
only dedicated for u all niaaaa~~~ ^^

disclaimer : my english ain't tht good ahh~ n my ability to express my feelings oso nt tht good ahh.. so pls forgive me, ok? xD

hmmmm.. let's see
who first?

Evelyn darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

evelyn, hmmm... (seriously i dunno hw to start writing la.. ishhh)
sit with u, szu yan and yee ching for 4 yrs ady. and our friendship, cnt say very strong? bt oso very the strong la!! LOL, i dunno wat im talking liao. xDDDD u're always the one huh, giving us so many funny jokes. eh! not tht im saying u're a joker, im saying, ur chinese too funny liao, tht's y we always laugh luu~~!!! and leh, u're always the smart one lor.. almost every subject u oso did well la.. dun say ur chinese very zha la, coz mine is more zha thn u! haihhh.. xDDD hmm... still got wat leh? i miss u so much la evelyn!!!! same like yee ching, everytime i turn my head and it's not u n szu yan, i felt sad... i miss asking u english and physics, i miss asking u for tissue paper, i miss the time the four of us spare together!!!! T^T haha, when we were playing volleyball, ur "ahhhhhhhhh" action and u always cant get the ball always make me laugh like nobody's business larh! xDDD wat else for u leh? now u're in KDU ady, i bet u have fun wif ur new frens too, right? but u must oso rmb us n keep in touch wif us ahh, okok? im sorry tht i din chat wif u always in msn or call u in the phone to talk wif u tht often.. coz im juz so inarticulate? heheehhee! but we can always hang out and go yum cha together ya~ faster go take ur lisence la! dun fail again liao.. the nxt time u sure pass de, coz, me yee ching n szu yan are waiting u to come n fetch us go hang gai!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ love ya loads evelyn! rmb to facebook! x)

who's next??
eheeee! my girlfriend....

......Ashley, of course is u larrrrrrrr!!! xDDDD

coreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! woohoo, long time din liddat call u liao. so cute la calling u coreeeeeeeeeeeee!!! xDDD dun ever call me gracieeee i tell u. -___- i still rmb jr2 tht time i knw u is becoz of joanne mah, right right? thn after tht we look like din talk b4 liao..== zhadao lor.. coz in my eyes, u're too gentle! o.o i dun dare talk to u lar.. im afraid tht i'll scare u.== thn leh, we're not the same gang at the beginning, bt thn till sr1 we're a gang!!! weeee, din knw tht u're so sampat afterall, din knw tht u can be crazy like us bt still remain gentle, din knw tht u can do many many silly things!!! xDDD and i always rmb tht we went to teens club camp wif yee ching~ it's a great memory, and we 3 got threw by them into the sea.. == then leh, wont forget tht we went to the famine30 camp two years, and we must attend every year too if possible la kay? xDDD and i miss camwhore wif u a lot a lot. tho u're, erm, quite quiet if compare to me, but i still love talking to u!!! xDDD we webcammed together, we worked together, we shopped together, we.......... never ever forget these!!! ang last year end de.. hahahahaha, partner in crime!!! weeeeee~~ ponteng pergi mana? xD u knw i knw la.. shhhh~ and u suddenly become my girlfriend too, sot sot de. bt still, this prove tht, we love each other mah, hor? xD ok, i knw u're having a hard time having school-sick.. bt seriously, u need to move on, ok? we're always in ur heart, in ur mind, always n forever de! n we'll always support u no matter wad!!! xD love ya lemon freako!!! mwaaaaaaah! <3

ahhhh haaaaa!
the next one is muh muh muh....

neekieee darling!!!!!!!!!!

darlingggggggggggg~~~ mmmm! used to call u nicole, thn nee-co-lee, thn still got de.. bt i forget liao.. now is neeco!! xD n neekieee!!! xDDD to be honest, last time i dun really like u de lor.. (dun get hurt ya!!!) coz, u always lend jor my things dun return.. == doink. bt then, after tht leh, u ok liao, got return to me liao, n i oso knw u oso very busy la.. sometimes forget liao u borrowed my things.. so forget to return mah, right? xD so nw i love u very much, dun worry! xDDD n u oso told me, last time u oso nt tht like me huh? LOL, so ngam de la both of us. bt now oso very love me mah, right? yeeeeeeeeeeee, i perasan liao!! xDDD i like u nicole, u're good in arts, trust me, it's real. but u oso must accept the fact tht, u're a lazy bumb!!!! == u can really do a job well if u're not lazy n did the job last minute. but hor, ur last-minute-job oso very nice de wor!!! isshhhh.. envy u nia.. n leh, thx for always supporting me whn i hav problems!! neh, u knw when la.. i always ask u question in msn!! hahahaha, sot de lor.. very very funny la tht time! nw think back oso laugh dao.. (ok lar, maybe u dunno wat im laughing.. ==) and hor, i rmb u told me tht u kinda miss *arhem* b4 spm starts.. whey! i tell u, u better don't ahh!!! juz move on move on!!! concentrate on ur IB now! hw is it liao? din update me de?? o.o eh eh, and hor, when are we going out leh? starbucks ahh!!! and i haven't shop wif u alone b4 leh!! u cepat cepat tell me when u free la~ i oso need to check skool free anot mah~ da jie~ cepat reply me ok? xD

u're pangsai-ing?! wakakakakakak~ dun kill me if u see this! xDDD farnie mah~~ xDDD so tht u can always rmb me, coz i put this photo!!! xDDD but dont dont dont hate me, okok?! coz u knw i love u right? xD oh ya, and u this queen of sleeping, rmb to keep me up to date abt u, ok? x) love ya darl.

up next, is the love guru!

Ah Yen Chi da jie. xD

love guru, this name is mariam name her one. xD coz she hav many experiences?! O.O aiya i dunno la, go ask mariam!!! xDDD yen chi ahh yen chi, we're not tht close frm jr1 to sr1 leh.. sr2, last year liao only close de lor! maybe bcoz of tht pendatang, always go n find u for advises, so we become close liao? LOL. it's a good thing to be closer wif u de lor. coz hor, din knw tht u're very the lame too. == and i never forget u gave me many advises too, thru on9 la. xD and and, u n melody gimme de green shoebag!!! omg, i love it so much! thankkiuu so much!!!!! haha, we the gang went to ur hse to do the chinese project, rmb? and we cooked together and played with ur sis' ohh-so-vintage clothes!!! woohoo, it's super fun!!! never forget it! and we took so many silly photos..== and at the end, we're rushing for the last minute work again. adui~! bt nvm, we still are the best!!!! oh ya, nxt time got movie, rmb to ask me ya! tho i dun like to be spot light la, bt i wanna watch movie!!! xDDD bt oso need to see whether my mum allow anot lor.. cnt go out tht often too.. T^T.. and rmb, rachel fetch us home, hor? we really need to thank her very much! if not we sure die, right?! wakakakakakaakka! xiao si wo ady la! xDD lastly, juz wanna tell u too, love ya fren!!! hehehehehehe~ <3

volleyball monster ur turn!

cheryl teh!!!!!!!!!!!!
da cow!!! mooooooo~

blarhhh! u sat behind of me n yee ching wif gui mei in jr3!!!! u're so a typical cow ehhh!!! xDD juz looked like a cow~ muahahahahahaha! dun hit me whn u see this! u knw i love u! xDDD i still rmb jr3 tht time, dunno why we can suddenly become so close, and thn u told me u wanna leave kc n fly to USA?!?!?! omg, u shocked me whey tht time!! bt thn luckily u din fly to USA~ weeeee!! if nt oso nobody teman me n teach me hw to play vball liao! i wont forget how fierce u were during interclass competition. the 5 members in the court is juz to serve the ball, n u're always the one fighting wif the opponent. == everytime the ball flies here, then u'll shout, "mine!" "mine!" and "mine!" everybody really only looking at u hitting the vball nia.. == and hor, i very scare if we lost a match de lor, coz u'll be like scolding us like nobody's business. bt i oso knw tht u're juz releasing ur anger la.. so i wont bother u! wakakakakak~! and i rmb u always tumpang my dad's car balik rumah, hor? xD so shuang ehh? LOL. nvm la, i can talk wif u more in the car mah, right? x) hmm, sr1 we became so much crazy thn last time, everytime camwhore whn thr's a camera!!! xD and we worked together in the book fair, and i saw u making up. == eeeeeee.. so mature! xDDD nt my style, u dun come n kacau me ahh i tell u! xD thn leh, u hor, oso everytime sleep in the class de lor, u lazy bumb! got affected by nicole n jess izzit? xDDD u ahh u~ now everyday stay at home, dun keep on eating only ok? put on weight thn cant kao leng zai liao~! xD and rmb always come back n play vball wif me ya! i miss the time playing vball wif u! x) loveeeeeeeeeeee u! <3

the maths freak.

wan jing.

kinnaaa!!! hehehehehhe~ u really looked too young liao lar...== so kinna really suits u~ dun angry ya, wan jing~ juz kidding. x) rmb tht u n jess sitting behind me n yee ching! aiyor, jess was always the one sleeping and u're always the one singing! adui. but nt bad lar, coz ur singing nt bad lerh!!! xDDD i miss when we always go out end of exams!! go ceong k, go bowling and go makan!!! yorrrrrr.. i really miss it very much!!!! and since u went to the maths tuition, gawd.. ur maths super geng liao de! i so pei fu u laaaaaaaaaa~!!! and hor, during exams, u always sleep at 10pm.. omg.. u sure u study all ady ahh?! why do i need to study till 2am and u can sleep at 10pm!? LOL, i knw it's my fault la, i study last minute, bt u're nt the same, u study super early de.. xDD thn leh, i love u whn u're playing the drum!!!!!!!!! wan jing u're so yeng~~~~~~~~~~!!! and ahh, still rmb tht me, cheryl, u and jess, the canteen gang always go to canteen together during the 2nd recess!!! heh, missed it so much! it's always a great memory. tho we cant go canteen together now anymore.. bt still, we can hang out together and go yum cha mah hor?! better thn the skool's canteen a lot, right? and and!!! nxt time we must go out again... to.. to.. to eat Secret Recipe Lasagna together!!! weeee...!! i still rmb we had a hard time thinking hw to spell "lasagna"!! we even spelled it as "lasania".. LOL! funny la us~ xD wan jing ahh wan jing, tho sr2 tht time we're nt tht close liao, bt u're always our bestie!!! and, since u wanna be a lawyer hor, gambateh ya!!!!!!!!! nxt time we got problem will go find u to solve it de la! xDD love yaaaaaaa! <3

oh no, another queen of sleeping O.O

Jessica Ng Ming Aiiii~~~~~

sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep!!!!! everytime i turn my head, u're always sleeping nia!!! xDDD ok la, i knw im exaggerating. xD bt really mah, u're always sleeping! i wonder wat did u do the previous night? u go curi ayam? xDDDD u're a devoted christian my dear, and ur english is so so so so good~ haihh.. like me this kinda ppl, impossible call write an essay like urs. ur essay compare to mine ahh, one sky one land. =( terlalu teruk liao lar!! xDDD ming ai ah ming ai.. looks like i din really hang out much wif u leh.. T^T regret le... regret for not going aypac wif u n neeco darling ahh~ bt tht time spm mah, mama dun let me go.. so too bad la.. T^T.. oh ya! everytime kc band concert i oso got go n support u all de lor!!! im somewhere.. over the rainbow~~!!! i got evidence de la, i got concert de pic de!!! xD n i got ticket too! but then jr1~jr3 no ticket la.. coz cadet mah.. free mah, right? bt im still thr supporting u all!!! xDDD hmm.. u're in taylors now right? din knw much abt u la.. sorry, my bad! pls forgive me sayang!! bt ur enjoying ur life mah right? and pls pls pls rmb tht u have us, in ur high skool memory, ok? dun ever ever erase us away in ur memory! if nt ahh, every night, i go ur dream kacau u de ahh! xD love eu! <3

gentle, elegant, smart.

yea, im saying u, Zhai Li!!!!

hello kitty lover. == everything oso hello kitty huh?? xDDD bt so sorry la, im nt a hello kitty lover wor.. bt i wanna ask, y hello kitty dun hav mouth?? xDDDDDD zhai li!!!! kenapa banyak orang cakap kami macam serupa?! ada meh!??!?! summore got ppl thought u're me, im you.. aiyorr.. super zhadao lor. even sue ann jia hwei they all oso liddat say.. mana ada wor.. u so gentle i so rude! liddat still alike meh?! xD hahahaha, nvm.. dun bother abt them! i knw im me, u're you, then can liao! xD hmm.. i always rmb tht we used to sms during exams!!! hahahaha!! really lame la us.. dunno why we can discuss abt exam, study, thn suddenly nerves, thn doctor, thn brain thn bla bla bla! omg.. i think exam reali drives us nuts liao!! xDDD enjoyed sms-ing wif u~ n i rmb u told me nobody will sms u except me.. aiyor.. got so cham anot?! im juz tht, replying u more thn others do only mah!!! if not ahh, ur phone hor, top up so much for wat jek? tht's y im thr to spend ur credits!!!! xDDDD bt hor, rmb to sayang my credits too k? bt we're both digi users, ahahahah! rm0.01 per msg, scare wat hor? xD i miss asking u maths, i miss eating ur mum's spagetti, i miss u zhai li! and i knw u miss me too, right? xDDD u're in sunway college, right? dun make urself too stress, ok? at the right time, we must always relax ourselves de!!! x) love u zhai li! <3

da cactus!

Jia Hwei~~ la la la~

jia hwei, u're the Cactus, u're the Tokoh Murid, u're the sporty one in our class!! sport geng, study oso geng~ envy u sia!!!! xDDD i love drawing the cactus tht represents u! rmb rmb? xDD it's sooo sooooo sooooo darn cute ehh! xD and and! TM net!!! represents Tokoh Murid, which means YOU!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeee!!! xDDD rmb tht u're the tokoh murid whn we're in jr1? xD ahha, damn cute de~ and ahh, ur ping pong very geng leh jia hwei!!! thx to ur mama!! xD hehehehe, thx aunty~! x) jia hwei, n i like ur food. super super TASTELESS. == but HEALTHY. i like da cereals, da corns, da kacang bla bla (forget wat name ady)!!! miss ur food so much!!! hahahahahahaha, sorry for stealing so much of ur food ya! xD and and, i rmb tht when we always go for maths competitions, we alwasy say ourselves are calefeh.. xDDD nvm la.. for fun mah, it's a relaxation b4 competition! LOL. i love ur mushroomie hair la jia hwei!!! for me, u din chg much frm jr1 till nw leh~ bt now in college liao, keep ur hair longer la! more leng!!! xDD and hor, i was shocked tht u took chemistry as ur major subject..== i thought u said u hate chemistry much?! omg, if nt really like wat ppl say.. u hate tht subject and for sure u'll take tht subject?! OMG! dun scare me ehh!! LOL. so now u're in INTI~ doing ur erm.. foundation ahh? or A-levels? sorry la i dunno.. ><>
pointing at ur butt, jia hwei? hehe, lovey love u! <3

violence. ==

Chen Ai o.o

an ordinary girl but with an extraordinary power of destroying stuffs. == u n vwrene came to our class in jr2. omg, super quiet. looks like u two din even spill one word out from ur mouth in jr2. coz i dun hav the memory of u two talking to me. ahhahahaha! xD bt then, when we went to sr1, u n vwrene ahh, sitting beside me n yee ching, everyday ask us to see u two destroy stuffs de! super sot de la u two!!! LOL. from hua yue, u change to fu dao, then chg to 24 festival drum.. at the end i oso feel tht 24 festival drum suits u more leh~ more yeng a bit! xD and since u cut ur hair, u suits more in 24 festival drum~~ xD oh ya! i rmb tht last time we always rushed for no.9 bus!!! hahahaahahhaha! with sze ling, yee ching and oso celeste!!! hahahhaa, 5 of us usually let sze ling to run frm 6th floor to the bus.. and then we go up n sit! xDD hahaha, we so bad~ xD thn talking in the bus is juz so fun~ and we're always the noisiest! xDD miss tht moment la~~ xDD really miss u a lot too la chen ai!!! karyao in ur A-levels in taylors! x) love uuuu! <3



i hav difficulty pronounce ur name at the beginning like others do, o.o really dunno hw to pronounce mah!!! xDDD bt thn nw i knw ady la, dun worry! vwrene ahh, u hor, n tht chen ai ahh.. oso sama sama saja.. "bao li kuang" la..== everyday destroy things de. bt, u're better thn chen ai, coz, in my eyes, u're a st. john mah! ur job is to rescue ppl, nt destroying things. so pls dun destroy things anymore ya! xD am nt tht close to lar~ bt hor, u ahh.. reali very gentle la.. speak tht time kinda soft.. and slow...== hahahahaha, no la, maybe becoz u're english educated. tht's why when u speak chinese wif us, u talk kinda slow~ xDDD bt ur english ahh.. oso another super geng one! i maybe cnt understand wat u're writing lor.. doink. pls convert to simple english for me!! thank you so much!!! xDDD hehehe. din heard much from u recently, dont even knw wat r u doing nw...== so sorry tht i din keep in touch wif u!!! T^T.. bt anyway, u can do it in anything!!! trust me, coz u're chia vwrene! LOL, lame. == miss u n chen ai! love ya! <3

another ping ping pong girl!

Sue Ann~!

hmm, they all used to call u "sueeeeeeeeeeeee" hor? so i oso call u "sueeeeeeeeeeeeee" here la!! xDD sueeeeeeeeeeeeee ahh, u oso lor, very the gentle leh.. n skinny.. == din knw tht u're a ping pong lover until u joined ping pong!!! and u're so geng!!!! xDDD recall ur hair whn u're in jr1.. o.o hahahahahah!! so so so cute ehh!!! xDDD bt thn now keep long liao oso very pretty niaaa~ thn nw tho cut short liao a bit, still leng laaaaaaa! xD hmm, nt tht close wif u too lar~ bt bt bt.. still very miss u n the gang!!! T^T.. u're in sunway college right? must take care of tht zhai li ahh, dun let her too stress!! xDD and urself too, dun let urself too stress too~ x) must relax sometimes de, if u dunno hw to relax hor.. juz go facebook or wateva la.. leave a msg for us. and we'll for sure cheer u up! always!!!!! gambateh in everything ya!!! love euuu!! <3

last but not least.

Loh Eilenne.

hmm, dunno tht r u still reading my blog? had lost contact wif u since spm. u changed ur phone number!!! n din contact me..!! haihh~ oso dunno hw r u nw!!?? i miss u very much ahh wei yi.. miss asking u question in studies, coz u always hav the method to solve any problems! u're such a genius tht i've ever met! bt too bad, u left us so early.. T^T.. so where are u nw? in s'pore? in USA? or in m'sia? let hang out someday! i din even hang out wif u b4!!! T^T.. i knw u're busying wif ur assignments, bt u need to gimme some time too mah!!! if nt, i scare u'll forget me leh~ xD im getting perasan liao~!!! oh ya! hw's ur back? hope u're getting much much more better ya! and pls dun get mad of robert.. u knw wat im saying! x) all the best in everything my fren!!! keep in touch ahhh!! dont u dare to forget me! u try n see la! u habis de la!! xDD love u loads! <3

i guess i've finish blogging abt u all ady.
did i miss out anyone?
pls pray tht i didn't miss out anyone, i'll be very very the sorry if i did miss out one of u!
u knw la, i old ady.. cnt rmb much things mah! xDD
so, pls forgive me.

i tell u all ahh, better dun cry whn u see this post!
i dun wan u all to cry, must gimme a smile, and then say u'll love me and do well in everything in life! and must rmb me! xDD
tht's all i want from u all~

love u all loads loads loads!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333

love ya frens! x)
always rmb..

Friendship is forever, it wont be affected though we're apart! =)

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