Saturday, December 26, 2009

This is why I'm BROKE

i said i will blog about hang gai, right?
so here am i.

hmmm, im gonna blog about my 8 days out with my darlings and sayangs!!!
spent lotsa lotsa money.. and im currently BROKE.
wallet reali RM0.00
im serious.. i so yam gong, need to borrow money frm my dad!!
and he still wan me to return him the money.. T^T..
let's get started!
it's gonna be a LONG LONG post ahead!!



1. Time Square with C.R.O (tuesday)

during spm, right after the chemistry paper, we have abt one week break to our next paper.
so, after the chemistry paper...
me, elynn, tongkat and ruiyi went to ts to enjoy 1st~ xDD
i go ts is wanna, erm, "点痣"
elynn go ts is wanna, erm, "算命"
tongkat n ruiyi leh,, nyaahahahahha, teman elynn la sure! xD
tongkat went home 1st, thn only join us later.
so me, elynn n ruiyi went makan in BBQ Plaza~
1st time eating this thailand bbq thingy, hmm, not bad la! xD

three of us in BBQ Plaza.
get scolded frm Elynn when i use my ipod to on9..
she say eat tht time dun on9!!!
so i must guai guai listen to her, dun on9.. if nt she'll whack me gao gao lor! xDD

BBQ Plaza's food was nt bad, i like the meat.. xDD
and erm, i sorta forget wat we eat ady la, suan liao suan liao.
skip skip =D

tiga orang RM61.20
satu orang RM20.40
erm, ok gua? expensive? cheap?? i dunno laaaa
bt at least i hav fun eating wif darling elynn n ruiyi!!! =D

later, we went to find tht erm, 风水大师~
thn she see my face, thn say must remove the 痣 wor..
if nt got will 恒刀夺爱 ohh.. zhadao! wtf la.
btw, i oso gt remove the 痣 la! xDDD
thn elynn's turn to ask her abt her life??
hmm, tak tau la, i din reali pay attention abt wat she was saying..
coz the 大师 looks kinda scary! O.O
tongkat reached ts and meet us and after listening to the 大师 abt elynn's life.
we headed to Baskin Robins for ice cream!!!

we orderred a..
i forgot wat it is liao la..
bt i rmb got 3 types of ice cream de la!
and got walnut, m&m, erm, cherries? lol.
taste quite good de~
bt i still hearts Chocolate Mousse Royale the most! <3

us showing our legs!!
from left, me, ruiyi, elynn, tongkat.
bwahahahah, elynn has a BLACK leg!! xDD

so after BR ice cream, we went walking around.
lepaking around ts. no direction.
n elynn bought Gong Sam Gai. xD
aiya, let the picture talks la!

can u see us?
tongkat, me, elynn, ruiyi.

elynn, ruiyi, me.
lepak inside a shop.
bt nt buying anything. xD

elynn n tongkat.
trying on funny specs.
and nt buying any.

this is wat we usually do de mah!!
everytime go in a shop, thn try try try.
thn cepat cepat go away, n nt buying anything.
bwahahahahahha, the store workers sure very geram de. xD

around 8.30pm, we went to take some pictures with the christmas decorations.
silly ppl silly pictures. =D

elynn's dad called and say he reached ts.
so 3 of them left me in ts liao.. T^T
so i juz sit at a corner of starbucks, happily on9-ing~
coz elynn wont scold me this time! xDD
went home abt 9+pm.

going out wif C.R.O reali very fun eh~
especially gt the noisy one to teman me noisy!!
wahahahahahah~~ xDDD
tht's all!


2. New Moon @ Midvalley with some bombasticans! (wednesday)

after hanging out with C.R.O in ts, i went to midvalley with bombasticans the next day.
erm, there are 8 of them if im not wrong.
Me, Yee Ching, Mariam n her sis, Nadiah, Neeco, Wan Jing, Jessica and Cheryl.
i was the earliest to reach mv, ntg to do..==
thought yee ching will reach early too, coz we say wanna go hunt for evelyn's present.
bt she herself late pulak, haihhh..
so me alone walking around in mv, dropped by to Elle, visited Jenny, my previous supervisor.
thn yee ching txt me, and i meet her.
thn more n more ppl reached, n we went to gardens to hunt for present.
bt nt for evelyn, it's for ashley. =D
waiting for the cheryl teh to reach mv, and we went Karls Junior for our lunch.
OMG. super big la their set meals.
im super full after eating only the burger, so regretting of not sharing with another person!
tak dapat finish the food, so i brought the fries n drink into the cinema. bwahahahahhaha. xD

Mariam, Jess n Neeco.
in Karls Junior.

went into the cinema for New Moon.
Jacob's muscles is WOOHOO!! xD
Edward's muscles, draw geh..==
the movie was nice, bt end with a weird ending lor! ==
mariam was annoyed by a woman beside her, crying while watching New Moon.. zhadao!
gt so touching meh?! ==

went around lepaking again.
without any direction again.
went giordano, wanted to get a cheer u up tee!
bt the workers attitude so *arhem* and the shirts looks so old.
ended up buying nothing liao.
continue lepaking~

stupid or funny or cute? mariam
with her super big lolipop! xD
qing oso gt the same pic leh!! xDD so ngam hor~~

neeco n mariam.

haih, went around lepaking again, i oso forget whr we went liao! xD
ohhh, went to the center court~
n thn hor, took only ONE pic. ==

here u go. the only one pic. xD
summore cnt clearly see all of us!! ==

din take much photos tht day, only these nia.. ><
bt im having fun hanging around wif u guys~
muaxxx, love u all loads!!!
nxt yr must still hang out together ahh~~
dun ever try to dump me in kc high i tell u all!!! xDDD

the end of midvalley movie day. =D

3. Damansara with the four! (thursday)
went to damansara with szu yan and yee ching to meet up with evelyn!
early in the morning went to fetch yee ching n took lrt to Masjid Jamek to meet szu yan.
when me n yee ching were in the lrt, szu yan txt me and say..
"when u reach d station, u'll find sum1 luk miserable"
== lame la u szu yan!!
met her at masjid jamek and we chg to putra line.

yee ching, me and szu yan.
in the lrt la, im weird with the unremove 痣, it's so so so darn black eh! ==

reached kelana jaya station, waited evelyn in 7-11 at the beginning.
bt szu yan say she told evelyn we wait at the taxi station, so we walked to the taxi station.
mana tau, evelyn called n asked, can we wait at 7-11...==
so we need to walk back again to 7-11.. duh!!
evelyn reached abt 10-15minutes time.. and hor!
her sis drive a kancil come n fetch us..alamak!
her sis n her bro is sitting in front, so tht means 4 of us need to sempit at the back. ==

me, szu yan and yee ching wore the our frenship necklace, bt hor!!
tht evelyn forget liao wor!!! hmphhhh! dun wan fren u liao la evelyn! xP
bt she went home to take the necklace la, suan la evelyn, fren back u!! ahahahahaa~ xD
thn we headed to The Curve, ate Kim Gary.
frm the curve, we went to e@curve
frm e@curve, we went to Ikano.

fooling around Ikano.
putting on erm, hats? and taking some silly pictures. xD

evelyn, yee ching, szu yan, me.
BFFs. <3

Santa baby! xD
so cute sia~~~~

went to Brands(dunno izzit brands, forget the name ady! xD) to buy some tee.
tee 3 for RM50
shorts 2 for RM40
us. =D

zhilian a while la. xDD
btw, i din buy this shirt, bt it's nice! =D
i bo lui ady. T^T

since szu yan, me and yee ching already broke, so we juz lepak around and wait for evelyn's driver to come n fetch us to her hse.

in the car with szu yan and yee ching.
i look super weird again, i know. ==

went to evelyn's hse.
hmm, quite tidy de mah, coz evelyn say she tidy up her hse b4 we come. lol.
went to her room, hmm, she has the biggest bed among her sisters! hahaha, why de ahh evelyn? o.O
her sis n her bro was playing some computer games downstairs..
and we heard her sis shouting like nobody business, funny dao~~
suddenly "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!"
another suddenly "waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
and then suddenly "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" again! LOL.

so after tht, we have ntg to do.
so we decided to set up the christmas tree!!! weeee~~
long time din play with christmas tree liao!!! =D

yee ching n szu yan.
the undecorate christmas tree. =)

no me. >"<

finish decorating!
erm, nt yt put the lightnings on it. no time liao.
need to leave. =(

evelyn's sis send us to the lrt station n we go home liao lor.
T^T.. hope to stay overnight at ur hse la evelyn!
ohya, roxy is so so so cute!!! with fatty layerss.. xDDD

at Kelana Jaya lrt station.
Buh bye Damansara!!! =D

tues went ts, wed went mv, thu went damansara.
walao, 3 days in a row. i super duper need a rest liao lor, exhausted la.

4. midvalley with my mum. (saturday)

went to midvalley with my mum.
coz she say got mega sales, so go buy some shirts la! =D
hehehehe, i bought so many things eh!
abt RM400+!!!
O.O!! thx mama, paying all~ xDDD
bought 5 clothes and 1 skinny jeans.
thx mama!! <3

5. celebrating Evelyn's n Yee Xuan's bday at Times Square (monday)

check it out in my last two blog post.
lazy type liao. xD

6. Sunway! hunting for heels~ (tuesday)

after so many days going out, im totally broke liao.
papa gave me RM50, and i borrow another RM50 from him ==
if nt go sunway wat oso no need to go liao.

morning fetch cheryl n meet up with ashley n phoebe in sunway.
me n cheryl using ipod online, phoebe use iphone online, ashley use psp online.
four of us came sunway, erm, starbucks to online!! xDD
sampat la, impossible la, after on9ing a while, thn we went to buy tickets for Couple Retreat.
18PL wor, i was worried coz i scare they dun let us in.
bt cheryl say we can go in de la, thn i ok lor.. since 3 of thm are so mature. xD

went to Etude House.
walao, ashley bought 4 nail polish. ==
and i knw my nails, tak boleh tengok la, nw growing ady, dun worry k!! xDD
i went around Etude House, super pink, tak boleh tahan la.. haih..
bt i din faint la.. xD

since our movie is nt starting and all of us are starving..
so we went hunting for food.
ended up in BBQ Plaza.
coz ash says she wanna, erm, "cook" for us! xDD
and it's super delicious la ash~~
the bacon taste so good with butter!!! yums!!!

and we love to eat the 'chao daS'
weirdo. xDD

after our lunch, still got time, so we walk around sunway lor~
went into discreet, phoebe wanted to try on some dress.
yerrr, nt my kind.. NO for me. xD
phoebe went into the fitting room, n 3 of us outside waiting her la.
hmm, those dress nt bad la. bt din buy. =X

ash, me, cheryl.
in Discreet, waiting for phoebe.
thn after tht we went for our movie.
when we were passing the counter, the woman din ask us to stop!
weeeee~~18PL leh, she din check! wahahahaha~ syok!
the movie, Couples Retreat, not bad leh~
ermm, got some ham sap scenes la, bt it's very funny de ham sap scenes!! LOL.
enjoy laughing throughout the movie!! xDD

after the movie, we went around hunting for my high heels!!!
i need a heels for my cousin sis' wedding dinner mah~
went TSC, try on some.
walao, im super tall after wearing the heels! xDD
bt i always pk whn walking wif it. ==
dun laugh! ==

phoebe, me, cheryl, ash.
we're so tall. xD

love my legs? xDDD
*perasan la me. ignore me thank you. =D*

phoebe need to go home, and elynn joined us.
elynn darling and me.
ahh, wearing sneakers is better thn heels lor! xD
in another TSC, coz the previous TSC dun hav the shoe size i wan. =(
luckily this one hav no.6, if nt i wan cry liao la~~

elynn n me. =D
paid for the shoe and we teman elynn to makan.
she was superb hungry.
so we went Full House.

me, elynn, ash and cheryl.
Full House memang cantik la. love their designs and the menu! xD

me n elynn, with fedora! nice!!! <3
went walking around Full House while waiting for the food to be served.

elynn n ash. nice specs yo! xD

elynn's erm, chicken chop? forget liao.
my ice blended mocha
and cheryl's + ash's brownies.
yummylicious!!! and Full House is so damn nice decorated!!! <3
strongly recommend. xD

after tht, my dad reached and cheryl follow me go home.
left elynn and ash in pyramid..><>
thx u guys for accompanying me walking around pyramid n hunting for my heels!!
muaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxx!!! xD

so wat's next?

7. went to trixie's aunt's hse (thursday)

trixie was kinda moody last week and wan find ppl talk.
so, since im so bored at house,
and, since my mum's office is so near to her aunt's hse.
hence, i went to her aunt's hse lor~
went to mum's office at the morning and headed to trixie's aunt's hse at the afternoon.
went to her aunt's hse for a while and both of us walked to Maluri Jusco.
both of us was starving bt dunno wat to eat..==
at the end went to Secret Recipe.
i ate curry laksa? forget liao..==
she ate pan grilled dory.
after tht, we went walking around jusco n played in the arcade.

trixie and me with the, erm, sweet machine?? o.O
playing around in the arcade.
and im so fish, lost a game to a girl smaller thn me 10 yrs old i think. ==
and i lost 2 more games to trixie later on. aiks, loser. =(
bt nvm, at least im having fun~ xDDD

the mentos trixie got from the sweet machine.
me only got 3 or 4 only ==
bt trixie gave me all the mentos, until nw i oso nt yt eat finish~ xDD

walking around jusco liao thn we walked back to her aunt's hse.
super funny when both of us crossing the road without using the brigde which we're supposed to use. xD
let ppl honk summore! xDD
and i found out, trixie oso same as me la, dunno which direction does the sun rises from!
woohoo, got ppl teman me liao!!!
*arhem* until nw i oso dunno which direction does the sun rises from!! ==
everytime ask liao ppl, everytime oso forget de.. so no need ask anymore liao la~ xD

we played in the gym room.
played volleyball on a slippery floor, i almost pk. wtf.==
cam-whored in the toilet like maniac.
and threw coins into the pool and compete to collect them back.
and for sure, i lose again.==
here are some of the photos, cnt post all, too many!!! =X

cute little bikini girl.
arhem, trixie says she dun hav boobs. xDDD

eh, dun fake la u~
i knw u nt yt tired de ahh!!
faster come up take more photos!! xDDD

love this.
super candid.
with bright smile!!! =)

my head putus is ur fault. ==

mustache. bwahahahahahahah!
juz ignore the guy behind.
i blardy dunno why a guy will appear in a girls' toilet. ==

eh, i cant breathe lor. xD

other photos.
click to enlarge la, i lazy upload all.
u knw la, blogger's speed.. ==

abt 6.45pm we went up to change n waiting my mum to fetch me.
played with her niece, super cute. xD

me n her niece, wen xuan. =D
mum called and say she reached, so time to go! =(

last pic before i leave.
hope i cheer u up tht day ahh trixie!! =DDD

8. celebrate ashley's birthday in sunway (thursday)

check it out in my previous post. =)

9. went out wif mama to Cheras Selatan Jusco (saturday)

went thr to buy my white shoe for skool next year.
my previous shoe is super black in colour liao lo. xD
wanna have a look??

nah, saw it?? xDD
erm, let me think. the last time i wash my shoe is like, errr, august's skool holiday..
thn after tht, too lazy n no time.. so din wash..
so ended up, a white shoe turned into a black shoe! xDD
and right after spm, mum ask me to throw it away.
so yea, it's in the bilik sampah liao lor!

went walking around jusco hunting for me white shoe.
went into Bata.

im super in love with this shoe!!!!
yeerrrrrr, if i wear this to skool, sure super special de lor..
bt too bad, it's nt canvas, and it's forbidden by the freakin skool... T^T..

pls tell me this is nice!!!!
bt if i buy this shoe, very hard to run lor, coz very heavy..
aiks, so i ended up buying another one. =(

bought this at the end.
erm, it's nt canvas too la.. xDDD
bt nt so obvious mah, and it's those sporty type de.. very light..
so buy liao lor!! xDD

since i bought the white shoe, tht means im staying in skool nxt yr for sr3 la~
so dun worry!!! xDDD
knw u guys sure will miss me if im nt in kc~
wahahahahahaha, im super perasan nowadays. xD

mama and me.
teman my mum walking around in jusco.
i hav ntg else to buy after buying my white shoe..
so juz teman my mum lor~

GREEN pan.
GREEN thermoflask.
GREEN erm, dunno-wat- it's-called.
yerrrr, all oso green de!! so nice!!! anybody buy me one? xDDD jkjk.
after buying some stuffs, thn we went to Beryl's Chocolate Factory.
mum helping ppl buying chocs again..==
thn later, go back home liao. =D


so it's the end of my post liao.
finally the end.
hmm, hope i din make ur internet hang or wateva ya.. xDD

going out with this noob tmr again.
to sunway, to watch Avatar 3D.
and he owe me a meal! xDD

tht's all for today, buh bye!!!

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