Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day of 2009



im now in jb~=D
came down to JB with my family yesterday, to attend my cousin sis' wedding.
felt weird tht i still can online right? xD
coz i brought all my stuffs here!!! im afraid of boredom, u knw..==
laptop, camera, ipod, phone, cable, charger.. all here liao~
looks like i can stay here until skool reopen oso can la!! xDD

so yesterday, abt 3pm we met our aunt n came down to JB with them.
reached JB abt 5+pm and we headed to my cousin's house.
walk around her house and then sitting in the living room doing ntg. sien dao..==
i wonder why such a rich person hor, the house dun hav wireless meh?
if nt i can go online liao de lor!! at least it wont be so boring, right?
i ended up sitting at thr looking at those FLIES flying here and there.
how pity am i.. haihhhh~~
so abt7+pm, the buffet dinner started so we go eat la!


wakakakakaka xDD i drank one can of heineken with my mum looking at me fiercely. ==
i din drunk la haiyo, so fierce looking at me for wat..><
then finally my cousin bro reached and sat wif us.
chatting wif him n drinking Heineken again.
*opps*mama is giving me a punch ady if i drink more!!! =X
everytime she turns her head, i fast fast drink the heineken, thn when she turns back to me, i pretend to be like nothing! xDD
my another cousin even asked my dad, "hw many cans can ur daughter drink?"
thn my dad answered, "dunno"
i oso answered, "dunno"
thn my dad continue saying, "she can drink as much as she wants under her dad's supervision!"
thn i so happy and say,"then i drink all de la!!!?? xDD"
bt sitting beside me, my mum.. hmm.. i can feel if i drink more n more, i sure let her shoot until very cham later at night, so i stopped drinking liao lor.. ><

the buffet dinner.

Heineken. <3

bwahahahahahahha!!! xDDDD
im sure i din drunk la, ok?! ==

abt 10pm, we went back to our hotel.
reached thr abt 11+pm. and once i stepped into my room..
i quickly took out my laptop n start to try whether i can go online~
and yes!!! can online!!! woohoo~ tht's y yesterday i can go facebook lor! xD
bathed, and my cousin called.
he asked me whether wanna go 26th floor with him, see the night scenery!
so i say yes thn we go up together la, and nt to forget bringing my laptop n ipod too.

my cousin n me.

the night scene. erm..
s'pore is juz somewhere further thr. cant snap a clearer photo, sorry. ><

when we reached 26th floor, we only realised tht it's a club.
n guys with short pants are not allow to go into the club.
hahahaha, pity my cousin, he wear short pants n need to lend a long pants from the workers, thn only he is allowed to go into the club.
after enjoying the night scene, we went back into the club.
bwahahahahahahah!! here i come!!!
another round of beer~~xDDD
die liao la.. i knw i cant drink too much beer, bt i cant resist la..!!! ==
so i drank dunno how many cups of tiger beer.. uncle belanja de.. xDD
bt he stopped me n my cousin for nt drinking more.
so dun worry, we din drunk! =D

the club.
erm. quite different from KL de o.O

my cousin took my laptop to online, he say he wanna update his restaurant city wor..==
so i was forced to use ipod to online lor, bt at least can online la~
so me n my cousin are the two weirdoS sitting in a club, drinking tiger at the same time on9-ing.
abt 1.30am, we went back to our room liao.
i continue to on9 in my room, chating wif trixie and watching my drama.
thn she went to sleep, left me here with my drama. == watched till 3+am thn i went to sleep too.

the next day, today la.
woke up at 8+am, went for breakfast and thn was waiting for the groom to reach the hotel.
so as usual, those ji mui will definitely playing those heng dai.
i shall skip all those funny things 1st, will blog abt it later when i go back to KL.
aiya, im lazy liao, i wanna end this quickly coz i wanna go watch my drama now! xD

so let the pictures talk!

finally. the bride groom. =)

my cousin n me.
in Tesco. went thr to lepak to wait the bride groom to reach their hse.
coz they went round n round the town.

thn went back to the hse n waited thr like maniac, coz the weather is so so so damn hot.
sweating like nobody business. ==

steal my shades.==

so i'll update more abt the wedding when i go back to KL~
nw it's my drama time!! woohoo~ xDDD
and one more thing!
i wore my high heels today.
wtf la, torturing laaaaa!!!
after abt half day wearing it, i almost cant feel my legs..T^T
it feels so good now tht i can step on the floor~ xD
bt im gonna wear it again tonight, wtf, to the dinner. ==
aiya, suan liao la.. i wanna be tall mah, so must pay for it de..

one last thing.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

these pics below will be my next post. xD
syok whey!!!~

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