Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!! <3

just a short update here.
wishing Happy Birthday to all the december babies i knw~ ^^
and hell yeah!!!
it's Christmas Eve!!!!!
ho ho ho~~~
Merry Christmas to u all!!!!
best wishes from Choc~~ xD


1st dec.
Happy Belated Birthday, Zhai Li!

12th dec.
Happy Belated Birthday, darling Evelyn!! <3

22th dec.
Happy Birthday, Tung!!!

24th dec.
Happy Birthday, Ashhie!!!!!

27th dec.
Happy Birthday in advance, Yee Xuan!

29th dec.
Happy Birthday in advance, Rayray!

hope i din miss out anyone. =)

went to sunway with Ashley, Juang, Jean, Junee and Bintang.
to celebrate Ashley's birthday!!!
hmm, reached thr abt 10am.. waiting at starbucks and went on9 a while with my ipod. xD
thn ash, juang, jean n junee reach liao..
we went to buy tickets for Avatar and headed to bowling.
i sucks in bowling, keep masuk longkang punya, nxt time i dun wan play ady la...==
bowling belum habis, thn we realised it's time for Avatar!
oh man, faster rush to the cinema, luckily not yet start.. pheww..

beginning of Avatar.. kinda sien..==
thn the movie goes "wah" as time passed~~
me n juang are like so, gan jeong the whole movie!!! xDD
whn the enemies come, both of us "ahhhhhhh"
whn the enemies die, both of us "yesssssss"
LOL. funny la, and junee, ur "woohoo" is so damn yeng!! xDDD

after the movie, went for lunch at Sushi King.
bintang belanja all of us, thx a lot la! xD
Ash, Jean, Junee n Bintang are like talking alien language
me n juang only looking at each other, totally dunno wat they're talking. ==
suan liao, nvm laaaa! xD
after tht, Jean Junee Bintang went for their skating.
left 3 of us, met Tung, Ah Lai n Elynn.
went walking around and went to Cupcake.
teman ash to buy presents for the 3 guys, passed to them, thn they go home liao.
ash went home too, and juang still in sunway a while.

the birthday girl, Ashley. and. me!
hope u hav a great day with us ya! =D

me and juang
never forget hw both of us gan jeong in the cinema! xD

i called my dad, i thought he was picking me up at 5.30pm
he says he coming at 8pm.
omg.. so im alone in sunway?!?! no way!!!
immediately call Elynn, asked her whether she can come out anot.
oh yeah, let her ngam a while thn she came n meet me in sunway liao.
darling elynn i love u!!! muaaaaxxxxx~~~xD

planned to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks 2 with Elynn der..
bt 7.30pm wor, mana boleh..
so both of us ended up talking in sunway.
i repeat...


since she reached n meet up with me.
then both of us started to talk like nobody's business liao!!!
walk many rounds in pyramid sambil gossiping~~ xDDD
talk talk talk talk talk talk!!
NON STOP de lor!!! omg.. dehydrate ady la me.. no more saliva!
so around 7pm, we went to Coffee Bean.
sat down, n thn start to talk again.
reali din stop b4 lor.. xDD
and then started camwhoring too~ xD

Elynn ahh..
why u snap me nia??? o.O

Elynn n me!
coffee bean rocks!
The Ultimate and Dark Chocolate Peppermint, nice! =)

dad called and say he's gonna reach in 10mins time.
so me n elynn walked out to wait for him.
he say 10minutes wor, thn we wait liao 30minutes lor..
sorry ahh elynn~ >,<
so we started camwhoring around the christmas decorations.
syok sendiri la!! xDD

whey chin elynn, ur eyes reali cantik la! xD


dad reached, ciaoz.
love u loads la elynn!!!
thx for teman-ing me in sunway juz now~~!!!
saya tau la, mana boleh cari macam kamu ini kawan baik hor? xDD

current song: Christmas Don't Be Late, by Chipmunks
current mood: Christmas mood!

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