Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Blast!

Nostalgic. =)

let's go back to 5th of October. xD
i knw it's long long time ago~
bt i lazy mah, so i update now lor~ =D

my morning started with a normal monday.
with volleyball and birthday wishes since 12am. hehe.
thx all those who'd wish me in sms and call me. =)
oh ya, and Happy Birthday to Jia Qing and Dao Qing too.
erm, ok... i dunno wat to blog about actually.
so let's juz let the pictures talk!!!! xDDD

a day wouldn't be normal without muh frens!!! <3<3

ok, so as usual..
i went down to the volleyball court to play volleyball on the 1st recess..
and then!
while i was playing..
suddenly so many ppl walking down the stairs with a CAKE!
omg... shocked me whey..!!! XDDD
but i like surprises!!! =D

my birthday cake.
well actually i knw thr a cake.
bcoz i saw yee ching in the morning taking the cake to skool lo..
bt she said she din see me! omg.. her eyesight.. adui..


i like it very very much!!! thx guys! xD

matches from physics lab. lol.

i love you guys~~~! muaxxxx

after blowing the candles..
stupid mariam caked me!!!
OMG. the whole cake drop to the floor! O.O

and my uniform is happily caked by mariam!!!
urgh, making me so FISH when im walking back to my classroom!! ishhh..
everyone thought wat happen to me..==
but nvm, it's fun!!!! lalalalala~~

busy rescue-ing the half of the cake! LOL.

once again, thx you guys! xD

sam, the camera is here! xD

went back to class.
went to wash my uniform.
luckily i brought one extra shirt to skool.. then i can change.. if not ahhh.... ==

Yen Chi (she thought she's not in the picture)
Sam(always the qiang jing tou-er)
Mariam(you're black!!!!! xD)
and my hand! (yay, peace!)

me and yee ching.
check ur eyesight my dear. xD

the very sampat szu yan and evelyn.
perfect sampat match!!! bwahahahahahahahhaha!


after skool..
went to The Gardens Red Box with Mariam, Wan Jing and Cheryl.

Wan Jing, Me, Mariam, Cheryl.

Me and cheryl.

Maa-Rii-Amm and me! xD

Wan Jing kin-na and me!
so enjoy singing

bwahahahhahah! okok.
we're actually singing this juz for fun ok? xDDDDD

walao eh. broke lor.
luckily qing gave us rm50 voucher. phew...!

i like the halloween decorations!!! xD

Thank you guys, y'all had made my days.
I lovvie love you!!! muaxxxxx

thx Sam, for the shirt.
thx yee ching and evelyn for the bracelet.
thx szu yan, yee xuan, shio yeat and mei quen for the shirt.
thx mariam for the erm, i dunno wat's tht thing call. xD
thx elynn for the roti canai.
thx nicole, cheryl and wan jing for the cap!
thx ashley for the cleansing foam.
thx phoebe for the striking green watch.
thx yen chi and melody for the shoe bag.
*if i left u out, im so so so sorry!*

thx thx thx!! coz almost all the present is GREEN in colour!!!
woohoo! me like me love!!! xD

ok, im going back to facebook now.
see you there! =)

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