Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TS with Ash, Phoebe, Neeco, Kyle

was currently counting my coins..
wakakakaka. got RM100 altogether lor.
changed it to cash with canteen aunty.
i was so happy becoz i suddenly got RM100..
bt just one day, RM90 gone liao.. T^T
RM60>> Return to Sam.
RM30>> Digi Prepaid Card.
RM10>> buat apa? belum tau...==

here's RM45!!
another RM55 not yet count la tht time. XD

last saturday.
went to skool as usual.
went to play vball with the usual kakis.
play play play, Rui Yi passed by..
and she told us,
"Eh, Cikgu Rohayah confirmed got H1N1 leh!"
 then all of us... WAT?! O.O
all of us were in the same classroom with her on thursday leh!!!
oh no, we got H1N1 too????!!!!
aiya, it's juz khabar angin.. dunno reali anot one..==

bt as time passed..
many many more ppl continue saying cikgu reali got H1N1 leh..
summore got cikgu called cikgu rohayah.
and she say reali got H1N1 wor.. O.O

our principal seems like wanna cover the truth of cikgu rohayah having H1N1.
and she keep on saying tht nobody in our skool has confirmed H1N1 case.
ah cheh! wan face only la tht mcd.
ppl oso say confirm ady la, u still say dun hav...==
bt u urself so nervous, keep on ask us to use dettol clean here clean thr.
and u're wearing ur mask!!! 
still wanna deny?! ==

was having pe class after recess.
suddenly thr's an annoucement.
the whole skool kept silence. i mean really totally silence.
"Attention please..."
*mcd's sound*
"Our skool is gonna be closed for 3 days from nxt mon till wed, to avoid N1H1. "
*c2p mcd.. it's H1N1. nt N1H1...==*
wah, some of the girls in the computer lab shouted so so loud whey..
my ear drums is shaking vigorously. LOL
bt all of us(my classmate) juz normal normal only.
ntg special. coz we all knw tht we'll hav tons of homeworks... T^T

C!!! so many homeworks laaaa..
even more thn usual. ><

dun care la. went to TS after skool with Ash, Phoebe, Neeco and Kyle.
at the beginning only Ash.
bt ash asked phoebe, she said "yes", so phoebe is on too.
and neeco asked whr am i going after skool, so she followed us too.
and she only has RM5.. summore wanna go..==
Kyle arr.. tak tau dia.. i oso dunno why she went...==""

went to TS.
not much students tho.
only those F1 and F2 ppls.
went to 石好 to hav our lunch.
nt bad, got ppl belanja. wee~ free lunch! thx!!! =]

Neeco and me.
opps, too bad i dun really like to use photoshop..
sorry tht i din help u to cover ur zit. hehe. xD

reali a lemon freako.
apa-apa juga mau lemon punya. ==

Neeco with ash's domokun.

weird la my smile. xD

Neeco, Me, Ash.
ahhhh, another pic got phoebe togother de i forget to upload from my phone..
aiya, lazy la.. nxt time bah! =]

Neeco and mua.

my lunch, kinda nice.
thx for the free lunch. hehe. =)

poor neeco waiting for her lunch.
all of us got our food ady. only hers nt yt reach.
so cham, starving eh!

ash changed her wallpaper to this! yeappie!

this kyle arrr...
use ONE finger to hold her phone.. so funny one arrr?! lol.

finally neeco's food reached!!!
bt everyone sudah makan habis wor. hahahaha. xD

spotted this car in TS!
oohhhh~ so nice la under the sun..!
i wonder wat car it is..
juz nw asked darren, bt he say is lousy nissan wor.. zhadao.==

bought new bag as skool bag!
weee. only RM28. lalala!
worth it la. xD

i name this bird The Monorail Station Bird. lol.
it's in Tun Sambantan Monorial Station. haha.
funny bird. xD
figure it out if u going thr. haha.


next post, Taylor's Science Competition.
i knw it's late to blog abt it.
bt i juz got the photo frm michael yii mah! hehe. =]
stay tuned~~ 

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