Friday, August 21, 2009

Pretty short =)

Forget about wat i'd say in the previous post tht i'll be updating about Taylor's Science Competition. Im just so lazy to update about it peoples. And, as u knw, blogger's uploading rate is just so so so so slow, facebook juz one click, then all done. But, blogger arr.. aiz..==

Almost everybody around me is kinda addicted to facebook nw, i think so.
At least, almost 2/3 of our classmates have facebook acc. And, ALL bombasticans hav facebook too, and we're having fun thr~ So many quiz, games, applications. I really cant stop myself from logging in into facebook everyday. Even when i cant go on9, i'll just use my phone to go facebook, just for a while. =)

So wat makes me here to blog?
Most of all, it's because tht i had a great day in skool today.

Firstly, went to canteen as usual during the first recess.
The usual gang: Mariam, Cheryl, Ashley, Phoebe, RuiYi, Tongkat..
and not to forget ELYNN.
Well actually, some of us just teman elynn to go canteen la.
She wanted to see her "Beta", and waiting his reply.
So, we teman her lo~ =) But tht stupid beta, keep walking passed by her, but didn't say anything to Elynn. So, Elynn was kinda sad and depressed about him.
So, u knw la, make my fren sad, no way man!!!
Me and tongkat decided to go n ask beta when would beta reply elynn.
but, it's not tht easy to start a conversation with beta, u knw?
it's kinda hard, but tongkat was brave enough to start. phew, luckily we have tongkat! 

Tongkat straight asked him, "When u wanna reply my fren arr??"
then Beta was kinda shocked, and said, "Actually i wanna reply ady, but seriously i dunno hw to write the letter..."

wah, me and tongkat heard this, then so happy ady.
means Elynn berjaya ady lor~~ hehe.
so we continue talking to beta and "forced" him to go talk with Elynn.
and so, finally we berjaya-ed again! Beta is going to talk with Elynn~
bt wth, when i was looking for Elynn at the other end of the canteen, she was no where!!
She and Rui Yi disappeared!! After looking for up and down, finally i saw Elynn n Rui Yi.
So i cepat cepat chase Elynn and stop her from going back to class.
when i get Elynn, Beta was chasing from the back too!!! woohoo!
When Beta reached Elynn, haha, we all automatic went away la~
then they two at there talking la~ awww, how sweet!! =D

walked back to class after Elynn finished talking with Beta.
LOL, Elynn told us Beta asked her to hav lunch with him!!
yay!!! go Elynn, go!!!

everyone was kinda excited about both of them, of course, including me. hahaha. xD
during the 3 periods between 1st recess and 2nd recess, all of us just keep on talking about Elynn and Beta. LOL. =]
Elynn went to canteen to meet Beta during 2nd recess.
and they hav their lunch lor. ONLY TWO PERSON. hehe.
good for them. Elynn told us they still need to 培养感情~ ok, we shall wait for both of u!! 
congrats, Elynn. =)

Secondly, Volleyball is getting more fun recently.
At least, Evelyn, Szu Yan and Yee Ching did improved, tho their balls still will fly north, south, east and west, but the rate of flying balls is reducing now. GOOD~
Officially, today is the last day of playing volleyball, i think so.
I don't think all of us will have the mood to play volleyball after coming back from the holidays, right? Everybody is just so into the SPM mood now.. aiks.
I will definitely miss volleyball, my blue volleyball.
I will miss the sun too. Miss the laughings. Miss the sweat.
Miss the time escaping from letting leong pak and the principal catch us.
Miss playing with those boys, which always spiking the volleyball.
Aww.. im so sad!!!
lastly, i just wanna say tht i miss playing volleyball with my friends

erm, i don't knw what to blog about anymore.
so I'll just blog something about bombasticans, which almost everyone hav something to think about, and also some is confused, and desperate for something. LOL.

thinking whether to choose Variance or Mean.
im thinking tht Variance is more suitable for her. *it's just my opinion*

hooking up with Beta now.
hope for a confirmation from him.

LOL. desperate for guys!!! 
i suggested her to go shout in the middle of the bball court,
"谁要我? 我要男人!!!"
LMAO. maybe a uncle will say yes? jkjk. *dun angry arr cheryl =) *

erm, just blur as usual?
LOL, sleeping in class just looks like her job. hehe xD

Wan Jing, 
haha, created a brand's name.
ZL. wat kind of name is tht? dun ask me, go ask her.

errr.... tht person...??
erm, tak tau. hehe.
i'll finish ur autograph book asap~

sot plak one, everyone around me just keep saying wiki wiki wiki.
aiyo, beh tahan ady la..== especially cheryl teh!!! adui..==

was busying for the 30hr Famine Camp.
the panda eyes are getting worse. sleep more my fren!!!
oh ya, and all the best in ur piano exam!! muax

tho i didn't listen to ur playing, bt i enjoyed ur playing too i think?
haha. the "modern medicine".. aiya~ im not mariam, dun worry. haha. xD

Yee Ching,
currently talking about sot liao.
everybody knws wat i mean, right?
haha, congrats to u tht u became tanned!!! it's good for u. hehe.

dun sad about *erm, can i say his name?* ady la~
hehe. maybe next time still got chance wad.
tmr gonna starve together ya!

still so happy with her hubby, Ryan.
wish both of u happy forever la~ hehe.
sama sama 废 la both of u. xD

Szu Yan,
sorry tht i'd forget u laaaaaa.
u're the most normal among all of us ady!!!
hehe, juz stop saying wiki then ok liao~~ =]

finish blogging now.
gotta go bath.
i knw im quite lazy to blog recently.
no need to remind me to update, k?
i'll update when i have the mood to update!!! hehe =]

just in case u forget me.
post a photo of me!

Yes, my name is C-H-O-C, choc!
pls rmb me tho im not updating~

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