Friday, July 03, 2009

Taylor's Science Competition Workshop

Me, YeeChing, Evelyn and Cecelia were selected to participate in the
Taylor's Science Competition~
they are having a workshop of this competition today~~
so teacher lau fetch us to Subang Jaya's Taylor lor.

went to skool as usual this morning.
juz tht my bag is so so light! xD
erm, juz skip those exam papers part. no eyes see ady.
went to canteen, juz had a HL milk, coz i noe later sure got lunch to eat. haha.
after recess, went back to class for english.
OMG, i forget to bring the workbook.
so, whole period sleep.... at the beginning is pretending one.
bt at the end i fall asleep tho. kakaka.

oh ya, our skool arrr...
those F1 students arr...
bring PARANG knife come to skool.
sot plak arrr?! who u all wanna kill?!
i reali dunno what those F1 students thinking.
their thinkings are so ABNORMAL. ==

went to physics lab.
omg. so so HOT la physics lab. beh tahan ady.
almost half of the class fall asleep due to the hot weather.
of course, including me. im sleeping too.
tidy up our Peka, and robert let us go back early.
me, yeeching, evelyn n cecelia stayed in the physics lab coz we gonna leave ady.
keep discussing some surgeon.
so so so disgusting la those pictures. yucks!!!

later, we force robert to belanja us eat ice cream~~ hehe.
wanted to buy the RM2.80 one..
bt.. 4 of us wor.. so we choose to buy the RM1 de lor.
anyway, thx Robert!!! ^_^

waited Teacher Lau at her car.
and then OFF to Taylor's!
we were early. so we went to the food court.
*ghehehehehehe* teacher belanja!!
weeee~~~ thx teacher!!!
and the food court is so so so big.
so so so many foods.
so so so many drinks.
and the foods n drinks come in so so so big size!!!
omg, teacher need to pay so so much money summore. 
RM46.10 for the foods!
RM18 for the drinks!
total = RM64.10 !!!
summore the foods and drink din finish. alamak.
really thx arr teacher!!! muax**

Teacher Lau.
our biology teacher. i love biology period, but hate biology. xD
love her 38-ness! haha.

Evelyn and cecelia.

yeeching and me.

eat eat eat.
but tak boleh habis pun.

the left overs.
so much la. such a waste. haiyo.

tsk tsk tsk.

the very very big food court.
which has many many many kinds of foods inside.
Vietnam, Japanese, Thai, Hainan, Sarawak, Korea...!!!
so many!!!!!!!
bak kut teh oso got. LOL

after having lunch. went to INTI.
to visit teacher lau's husband!!!! woohoo!!
her husband is the wise principal of INTI.
teacher lau said tht she juz knew it yesterday, tht her husband is the vice principal.
we wanted to hav a look of her husband.
bt too bad, he's having a meeting... awwwhhh... ><
bt a person came to bring us to walk around.
actually we juz went to their new science lab. nice!!!


Teacher Lau calling her husband. 

us 4.

us with teacher lau.

the hallway. 

the physics lab!!!
omg, summore got computer inside!!! whoa.

the chemistry lab.
omg, it's GREEN la~~

and the basin is so cool. xD

the bio lab has the same design la.
juz tht they hav so many microscopes.
our skool arr...?? 
dunno got 10 anot..==

later, went back to Taylor's for the workshop.
and saw Siang Lunn, the smart Chong Hwa guy. again.
aiya, everytime go which competition sure will see him one.. haha.

one of the Taylor's building.
forget to take a pic from the front ady. adui.

this is the Lecture Hall that we are having our workshop.
got aircond, got toilet, got cushion chair.
not like our skool la. so cacat.
got aircond, but cnt switch on due to many unacceptable reasons.
got toilet, but u think our skool's toilet will good until where arr?
got chair ady very good liao, still cushion chair!!! ==
reali can sleep in this hall, so comfortable. lol.

erm, ya.
obviously, this is the toilet la. haha.

the workshop went well.
we're having the competition on 18th of july.
4 members in a group.
there are two parts which is 
i) written quiz
ii) practical experiment

the written quiz consists of 
10 bio MCQ
10 chem MCQ
10 phy MCQ
10 maths MCQ
so four of us each one in charge of one subject lor.
me, sure take maths la. abothen??
the others i dunno them la.
bt if i finish my part, then i'll go help them solve too. 
oh, and we nid to finish all 40 MCQ in 45 minutes.

the practical experiment is about Chemical Cells.
erm, which i dunno wat is tht.
we will be given some fruits.
some electrodes.
and the group tht design a chemical cell which produces the largest voltage n current will win the competition.
woo, quite interesting. i like it.

after tht, they hav a tea break.
bt all of us is too full tht we dun wanna eat la.
juz eat one kuih liddat lor.
then went back to the hall again.

we played THINK-GO.
it's almost the same as BINGO la.
haiyo, i lazy to explain how to play la.
but i juz noe it's very fun.

and we KC at the beginning is in the 1st place.
but ended in the 2nd last place.
aiya, really very very funny la. 
i really dunno how to say. juz funny!
so juz laugh la~! xD

mum is nagging.
always call me go sleep earlier recently.
bt i noe it's for my own good la. so, good nites!

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