Friday, July 10, 2009

Agreement. xD

I, Heng Sue Chin promise to 
belanja Yong Szu Yan, Evelyn Ewe, 
Tan Yee Ching one Baskin 
Robins Chocolate Fondue, if I
get 13As! If I get 13A1s, I will
belanja 2 Chocolate Fondue!
(in SPM 2009)

I, Evelyn Ewe Qing Ning will belanja
Tan Yee Ching, Heng Sue Chin and 
Yong Szu Yan a meal at Midvalley
(price range within RM100)
if I get 12As in SPM 2009!

I, Tan Yee Ching will belanja
Evelyn Ewe, Yong Szu Yan and
Heng Sue Chin each a sushi set worth
Rm20, if I get 12As in SPM 2009!

I, Yong Szu Yan will belanja
Tan Yee Ching, Evelyn Ewe and Heng
Sue Chin to a movie ticket each
at The Signature, Gardens, if 
I get more than 9As in SPM 2009!

*all the above handwriting belongs to EVELYN EWE*

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