Friday, May 08, 2009

wth :(

wth. the weather is killing many people recently.
so hot la.
the sun is killing!!!!
omg. so many people sick liao.

including myself. wth.

phoebe suffered from her stomachache so many days, nt recovered yt. 
pity her.

ash juz told me she suffered from skin allergic infection. alamak.
pity her tht she said, she barely breathe.

alamak. teruknya.
blame the weather la!!! XD
so hot, and i din drink much water.. wahahaha.
juz nw my eyes are gonna bengkak, luckily i faster stick the cool fever.
so nw ntg ady my eyes, bt still fever-ing.
bt nt tht serious like phoebe and ash la.
i think i'll be alright later at night.
coz i wanna hang out wif neeco tmr~~ *hope she can go*

sorry bombasticans.
im so so so no mood to edit the sports day photos.
sorry ya. i'll update soon!!!!

off to slp....==

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