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Sports Day * Day 2

since i'd promised THEM to update.
so am i here. if nt tmr go skool i sure kena marah, or even lost my life?? lol.
is nt i dun wanna update la, is i have toooooo many photos.
dunno how to post mah. 750 photos u know?! haha. XD
so here's Sport's Day 2~
oh ya, since i told u tht i have soooooooooooo many photos.
almost all the photos i merge it into a COLLAGE ady lor.
coz reali many many many mah, click to enlarge the collage, k?
and do tell me which photo u wan in the collage, and i'll send it to u~ ^^


today is the 2nd day of Sports Day, which is the final la.
i din LATE today. bcoz yeeching's mum helped us in preparing the veges. 
so we're fast enuf to go to bkt jalil this time. XD

the day started with the barisan.
almost all of us went down to the runway to "que up?"
after hearing those V.I.Pss blah blah blah blah..
went up again and to watch the performance!

the 1st performance was the KC BAND!!!
woohoo~ nt bad tho.
and one song forget ady. is a song from the Lord of the Rings, mariam said so.

nxt performance was from the SR3-ers!!!
orangey ppl they are. haha
they performed Wu-Shu. nt bad la. 
i still like last year's more. coz KoYin was one of them. XD haha.
oh, and the solo part did by the bmt president was so yeng la. haha.

WE actually cant watch the performance clearly from our original place.
so, we climbed to the top to have a better view lah.
yes, we CLIMBED.
to the teachers thr, and teacher tan was staring at us. lol.
she is so worried tht we'll fall dwn or wateva. haha.
bt at the end we din felt nor let prefect chase la.
the view thr was nt bad, n the most important is, the place is SHADY!

me and the oh-so-yeng Teacher Lau.

spotted Mei Xian duty.
took some photos wif her.

i mean mariam took some photo with her. 
haha. xD

Mariam, Neeco, Sam.
whr is me?? im the photographer la duh.
we're the CLIMBING team. we rocks. wahahahahaha. ==

these malay teachers...==
so geng la.. so early have 大食会 ady leh. spot the funny cikgu rossakila.
haha. so many foods la.

after the performance.
we went back to our places and start to eat the chocs ash brought.
we went to another place to eat the chocs. coz our place is wayyyyyy toooo HOT!!!
beh tahan the HOT WEATHER la... sweating like hell.

evelyn, mariam, me, szuyan wif my towel ==, sam and chocs.

after tht, i think everybody went off to do their own things ady.
me n ash stick together to complete some missions la. haha
bombasticans shud noe wat r we doing. rite??? teehee =]

we have some mission to accomplish, hor??

*click to enlarge*

it's a must to see this collage wheyyyy!!!!
very very very funny.
let's see hw KC's boys JUMP. hahaha.
with some silly actions and funny expressions. hahaha.
especially 810 n 921. very very fuunnyyyyy!!!

Ms. Malar's son n Teacher Zhang's Son.
erm. im speechless.
they keep asked me to take their photos la. ==
Ms. Malar's son claims tht he is SPIDERMAN.
and, Teacher Zhang's son claims tht he is ULTRAMAN. 
bt they are both cute. XD

after watching the boy's far jump.
went to hav our Sc2ScA's PICNIC!!!!
me n yeeching is in charge of the salad la. *actually it's veges*
others were supposed to bring other foods or drinks la.

sooooooo many foods la!!
eat eat eat. Spaggeti, hotdogs, Sandwich....
oh so FULL la.... 
and im happy tht actually almost all of them turned up in the picnic.
im happy to see the Sr2ScA-ers thr!!!
those nt thr arrr, erm... wateva. haha XD

click click to enlarge

oh, too bad..
teacher din come...T^T
maybe she has her duty.. oh...
too bad... aiks.
bt we still hav fun la~
love y'all la Sr2ScA~~!!!

the not so perfect Sr2ScA.

a view from the upper part of the stadium.

later on, my dslr kena stole by them..
pergi ambil gambar leh... ahahhaha.
i dun mind. =]
the very very self-loving elynn n mariam.

and also tongkat n sam.

erm, since when Pei-I oso joined them??
*okay, i noe i looked ugly eating the sandwich at the back..==*

met Momo and Ching Tung halfway eating.
this two arr...
everyday bully me one, but everyday say i bully them wor..
who do u believe?? haha
sure believe ME, rite?? XD

both of them refused to take photo at the beginning...
hw sad...>< 

bt at the end. take photo oso la.
momo, me, ching tung.
they'll bit me if i put these photo, i think*

some of the sr3s.. Posing??

after tht, we went back into the stadium to watch far jump again.
this time is we Sr2 turn's!!!
which means, Evelyn, Sam, Mariam is taking part!! woohoo
go Evelyn!
go Sam!
go Mariam!

juz nw was the boy's.
nw is the girl's!!!
click to enlarge. nt tht funny as those boys. haha.




after tht...
we were juz walking around lor..
taking photos, talking, stalking again lor.. haha.

and this guy reali shocked me when he 1st fired the gun.
walao. i was so so so so near from him. eardrum almost burst!
haha. luckily nt yt burst la my eardrum.

teacher tan and me.
teacher arrr, u run very fast la..
i mean VERY FAST arrr!!!

Vwrene running 400m or 800m??
forget ady. sorryyy ><

some boys running.
very pok. haha.

the primary's.
so small la them. haha.
i feel tht im so old ady la. XD

high jump.

Jr2&1 girl's running.

Jr3&Sr1 running.
all oso the athletes.
sure they win one la, no nid fight ady. haha.

the Sr2ScA's 4x100m
click to enlarge.
i noe the photo very blur la.
wat do u expect huh? im so wayyyy far from them lor.

Stephanie, Ying Yee, Mariam, Evelyn.

evelyn, b4 the KeGarisan.

Go, Evelyn!!!

okay, at the end we din get the top3.
bt at least we were nt the last!!!
it's enuf for us ady. ^o^

errr.... boys running.
dunno wat la. 4x100m gua, i think.

oh, and the part tht all of the student were so HIGH came.
it's the teacher's 4x100m!!!!
support teacher jiang, robert, teacher tan, 190!!!!
boo, fmc!!!!

the supporters.
nt fair, dun hav me inside!!!

arhem. click to enlarge peeps.
too many photos ady. 
congrats to them!!!
they won~~~ woohooo!!!

after tht...
hopping around again lor~XD

sam* and me.

and the last race of our class is the 4x400m
Jia Hweim Mariam, Elynn, Vwrene.

okay, we din get the top3 again, this is for sure la.XD
bt at least we din get the last again, ok?!
so, Sr2ScA still rocks~~ la la la la~

i got TANNED after the 2 sports days. wtf.
wateva la, im already 习惯 of being dark. ==
im so happy wif this year's sports day!!!
as Mariam says, "It's the best among 5 years!!!!"


finally updated about the sports day 2 ady, tmr no nid die.

i wan each one of u to leave a comment in the cbox, k?!
it's a MUST!!!!
coz i update until 12am lor. hahaXD

ciao, nitez.

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