Thursday, April 30, 2009


went to jogathon last sunday~~
we're supposed to run 5km la!
teehee =]
me and sam did RAN throughout the whole journey la~
hahahah. but we got walk la.. bt most of the time is run lo.. XD
we used about 30mins,. i think..
to run finish 5km~
mt bad hor?? last yr we very slow one lor.. hahaha

oh, i met my tuition fren thr!
5yrs din see her ady lor~
such a coincidence!!

and yea, we went back to skool.
and i went to midvalley to hav lunch wif evelyn.

after the jogathon..
my sports shoe TERKORBAN liao la..
kesian nya~
i wanna buy new shoes ady!!
and i spot one NIKE in midvalley~ very nice arr tht one!
gonna save money to buy tht shoe!!! wakakaka

let the pictures do the talking, kay?
oh ya, thr are many photos of me n sam.. hahaha

sam & me

me . mei quan

sam. jing wei. me
shoeeeeeeeeeee =]
people mountain people sea. XD
run until half way.. CAMWHORE!!! 
hahahaha. ppl were looking at us lor..! haha
nw is 75% finish, i think.
u can see la.. sam's face is so damn RED la!!!
go see tht behind the graveyard.
it belongs to ζž—θΏžηŽ‰ la~
no him, no independant skool! 
the dunno-wat-name highway. sam. and half of my hand.

my tuition fren and me.
she changed a lot lerrrrr!!!!!
me n szu yan~
wakakakaka,. teacher 190~!
he cnt talk after running 7km..!! 
hahah. he is reali a good teacher la. hope he can stays in kc!
me. teacher tan. sam
why they din see camera one?!
after running.
wif my GREEN towel~~ neh neh neh
us 5.
from left..
Yee Ching. Szu Yan. Evelyn. Me. Sam
me and sam.
after running.
the hair very messy la.. i noe la.
we finished the whole run!!
From left>> Yee Ching, Evelyn, Szu Yan, Me, Teacher, Sam, Vwrene
all of us b4 going back to skool
from left, Evelyn, Vwrene, Szu Yan, Sam, Me, Rui Yi, Teacher, Yee Ching

i wanna get this camera la!!!
coz it's GREEN leh!!! 
i'll save my money to buy!!!
so, i wanna buy tht nike shoe, n this canon camera. haha.
me and evelyn.
in midvalley, after the run.

im a PANDA now again. 
i wan my sleep...==
bt too many homeworks la..!!!
tmr summore got camp...T^T

ciaoz peeps!
miss me. XD

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