Tuesday, April 07, 2009

After EXAMzzzzz

exam's OVER~~~
tht day exam over...
me, wjing, cheryl went to midvalley~
actually is they teman me go buy stuff la
yeap. i drank coffee. weee~ =]

in studio R. i hate my retarded face.
eye bags. aiks.
lazy to blog abt wat happened la. haha. XD
went to times square at friday~~
me, sam, wjing, ashley n phoebe
we were so early in ts
photo time!!!!
mcd, im lovin it!

later we went to bowling la~

notice our shoes~~ teehee=]
weird ppl hav weird thinking, u know??
our names. wakaka
the bowls?? balls?? wateva
i hate PINK. why is thr only ONE GREEN?!
of coz i'll use the green one. xD
the sistaS
hahahahaa.. c our names.
become C.A.M.P.S
geng hor.. hahahah.
opps* both of them again la~ 
coz they like asking me to take their pic mah..==
add one more SAM inside. hahaha

phoebe and mua*
her new black contacts is soooooo BLACK n BIG.. hahaha

sam and mua**

wjing n me~
and tht sorpo phoebe at the back.. dunno doing wat..==
me and ashhie^^

------------C.A.M.P.S 's bowling pose---------




kids ang mo bowling too..
cheh. they got the thingy one.. bluff themselves..
coz sure wont go longkang one!!
while waiting for their turns

argh, our lane keep rosak one.
and their service sucks!
hahahaha.. funny pic.
sam looks like wanna steal something.
the 1st game's marks.
weee, im 3rd. nt bad la.
and hor..did u noticed tht every 1st ball of mine..
sure masuk longkang punya!!!!! T.T

colourful shoes~~~
of coz GREEN paling cantik!!!
2nd round's marks.
alamak man!!!
u seee tht C lar..
semua masuk longkang lor...==
least mark. *sobs*

went to Neway later on~
we smuggle mcd in..
coz mcd cheap mah~~ XD
curi-curi eating. hahaha
curi-curi eating lor...XD
wah... wat r they doing???
singing la duh~
someone singing..
someone TAKING PHOTO oo..
summore face RED RED ooo..
thought neway is my house...lolz
the STAR hiding her face...== 
acting EMO?? 
suan liao la...
whoa. STAR making up tiam. hahahah
acting EMO again..??
i think so*
sing until so 投入
shoes up peeps!!!
group pic la
ugly ugly me...><

oh ya, and we met so many kc ppl in ts lor..
actually is Neway la..
so many kc ppl thr!!! whoa O.O
nah, let u see my phone inbox n send msgs.

abt 2000+ msgs lost last dec 2008
so actually got 9000+ msgs d lor..
sent items>>10114 msgs!!
whoa. geng leh?! hahahaha

current song>> Boom Boom Pow
current mood>> Boom Boom Pow!!!!

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