Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 Parent's Day

yesterday was our skool's parent's day~
yea, it means.. our parents are gonna take our report cards.
hmm. this tim this exam, din do reali well la. so din reali care abt the rank lor.
coz i already predict tht i get no.6 or no.7 mah.. so 顺其自然 la

mum came to take my report card abt 9.45am i think.
tht time i was in the canteen wif mariam. when i go to my class.. 
everybody was like.. "Sue Chin! Ur mum is inside ady la!!!"
then i was like.. "Har?? reach ady la??"
haha. mum's number was no.13
so we wait until our turn, n talked wif my form teacher--teacher tan
hmm. i get no.4 leh. reali unbelievable. oh, someone guessed correct ady.. ==
my marks is 80.70 still okay lor. at least im still in the range of 80.
luckily teacher din say many abt my things in skool.
juz say tht my language is nt tht gud wor.. n say i still nt yt start to 冲. haha
bt mum was quite satisfied la, coz i told her tht i'll get no.6/7 mah..

our class's rank:
1st>> Evelyn 83.57%
2nd>> Cecelia 81.55%
3rd>> Yee Ching 81.36%
4th>> Me 80.70%
5th>> Soo Ming 80.25%

waited for sam to get her report card n we went to mv. 
hehe. =]

went taking many many photos around the skool today. haha.

mariam n sam wif the HEART.
haha. many stupid photos in it. bt i like it. haha.

wjing n me
actually she was eating bread.. hehe

our white board.
friday they draw until very nice one lor.
bt dunno why yesterday become liddat liao. aiks.

neeco. cow. me.
at staff office thr.

opps. unfocused.

co. fern. mua. riam.

hanging around in B class. 
to see the baby photos. teehee

sam n choc

wat to say??? @.@

neeco. riam. me. sam

mariam n pei-i
both brought their guitar to skool.
nt bad la~ we sang in class! hahaha

us again la.
haha. i noe we took many photos la.

wat's she doing????

elynn n me.
she baked two brownies.

sam n the HEART.

lol..! XD
teacher 4giv me, k??

our decoration.
many teachers went into our class and when they saw this..
they was like.. "@.@"

when the formula is easy enuf to understand.
we'll be normal la.

bt when it goes tougher n tougher..
we'll go CRAZY la..!!!

bt still return to normal la. haha

i like this one.

me n chennie.
get well soon arr! take care my fren~

la~ la~ la~

*if u wan the pic, can ask me to send*
elynn put many effort onto it.
and it's reali very nice. thx elynn!!

GELAPnya. cn u see?

me, eve, wjing, pancreas.

my class punya keadaan.
nt tht noisy la. haha.
juz gt many ppl...
reading..(one only i think)

funny evelyn.

the skool magazines tht we prepared for our parents to read.

pancreas, apa u buat arr?!
kenapa sangat lucu neh...!

jess n me
i think she's eating too. haha.

dunno wat song.

uncle aunty reading newspaper leh.
and budak yeeching so innocent thr. haha.

ini aunty sangat serious ooo

can u see us???

us again.

holding the cars??
bt very fake lerrrrrrr...

the one hiding is Qin Tong la.
dunno why cnt take photo one meh her?!
haha, funny sam at the back.

we 仪容端庄 la.
agree anot??

poser Cwen.

the gang.

the gang 2. haha.

this is Yee Ching's Law.
LOVE is energy la.


phoebe n mariam.

and at the last.
KC cat. haha.
=Mid Valley=

at mv's toilet.
the place we always take photo. ==

see our hands.

went to mcd.
we shared one set of McNuggets la.
coz no money ady.. haha.
we only left...

i left RM 0.22

Sam left RM 0.45

sms-ing who, huh? haha

at mcd. *i hate my pimples.*

i hav plenty of homeworks nt done man.
tonight, 1am again. ahaha.

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