Friday, February 20, 2009


today was a BLAST!

for me la.


but it's undescribable~~ i dunno how to say la!!!

morning, played vball with my usual kakis~

at the 1st, we went to the vball court of course, but let ppl say we din wear sports wear wor..

so we went to the badminton court to play lo~~

and we were so HIGH~~ i even hit the vball to 2nd floor!

and we were shouting to sumbody tht is in 2nd floor to pick for us! haha..

was quite HIGH in class today.

2nd recess...

it was the HIGHEST mood of mine!!!!

had a WATER WAR with MARIAM!!!!


b4 i splash water on her, i asked, "you wont angry wif me de hor??"

then she said she wont...~~ so we start la!!!

ahahahahaha~~ thx to my nike bottle~ i can shoot on ppl very far away~

but mariam cannot!!!! hahahahah!!!

poor mariam, her water has gone after splashing on me!!!

and i was totally WET la!! it was fun neh~~

both of us SYOK sendiri la~~

and other ppl were like looking at us... aiya, wateva la!!!!!

at today...

dunno which brain cell or nerve of mine had gone wrong..
*maybe bcoz of sumthing happened?*
keep laughing like hell today la me!!!!

juz keep laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh...

even Sam cnt tahan me, mariam cnt tahan...

as well as cheryl, nicole, yee ching....

even 陈淑信 asked me, "Sue Chin, did u drink wine??" hahahahahahah

ok, during the ending of skool..

went to say bye to tht sorpo phoebe wif ash as usual la~

then this ash was like saying this to everyone...


hahahaahahaha~ funny la her..^^

then i replied her~"I Love You~!"

then i made this one too..


haha, geng leh~~ heheheh~~

doesn't feel like going to my aunt's hse today.. was finding ppl to teman me go mv..

bt nobody wanna go.. T.T

so at the last i still went to my aunt's hse lor..

and today was liddat lar...


people said, 

"Eating chocolates makes people happy"

yes, i agreed.

im in bad mood juz now, and now im eating the ferrero ash gave me on V'day.

and im happy now^^

*besides, GREEN makes me happy as well!*

current song>>Pokerface, Ladygaga
current mood>>Happy*thx to chocz*

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