Sunday, February 15, 2009

14th of February

fuyoh~~ Happy "V" Day to everybody!!!

reveiced many chocz today!!

thx to Sam, Yee Ching, Szu Yan, Evelyn, Ashley, Phoebe, Cheryl, Nicole, Wan Jing, Yen Chi, Jia Hwei, Shio Yeat, Sue Ann, Cecelia, Rui Yi, Mr. Lee(Lab assistant)... 
and two anonymous ferrero... dunno who giv de..
sorry if i left u out ya!

thx for all the "LOVE" note u guys giv me!!
i luv u guys to the max la!!

Sam's note~>Happy Valentine's To Muh Dearest Choc~
予我最棒的啊gal,愿你幸福快乐. *she claims tht her ferrero is Italy's*

Evelyn's Note~>Happy Valentines Day! Hugs & Kisses!!

Szu Yan's note~>我真的很爱你,真的,没有骗你,相信我。情人节快乐!幸福。
and at the back thr she wrote~> 相信我的是笨蛋。

Ashley's note~>
Gracciee~~(fuiyoh! sampat)

celebrating with XX?
oops, I mean YOUR XX?
JKJK, I love you very much.
oh! I can't really describe how 
much I love u, but i just dom k?
Happy Singles Day to us!! *luv*
LOVE YA!! ^.^

Cheryl's note~>
Happy Valentine's Day. 
My Beloved Babe! 
Lurve to have you 
as one of my "most"
best friend!

at the back thr she wrote~>
Really admire you as a GENIUS of maths!

Nicole's note~>
Choczz =)
Blok! Happy Valentine's Day! 

Rui Yi's note~> 情人节快乐!

thx for all the chocs!!! really luv u guys!!!!
will keep these notes forever!
muax muax muax muax muax!!
Sam wif her chocs~
and her new bottle, nice!
mariam and sam~!

sam's chocz la!
spot mine?!
mine is the green one la of coz!!! haha

me and sam~
thx for the Italy ferrero!
i不舍得eat la~~ haha..XD

went to TS wif mariam and phoebe after skool.

in nike shop, but i cant find wat i wan!!!

mua and mariam.

the three of us.
me, phoebe, mariam.

went back to skool by monorail after tht.
and i was so shocked tht all of them throw me alone to go back to skool!!
i hate to be alone la whey!!!! *was a lil geram tht time!*

went home later.
i noe im very tired liao la..
i make the green roses until 2am++ for the valentine's la..
poor me.. haha


went to church as usual today..
was so boring when having breakfast..
and i did this! 
I LOVE U made by choc!
and the material is MIHUN~ hehe

thx for all the chocz once again!!
gtg to do hw ady.. chiaoz!

current song>>Secret Valentine by We The Kings
current mood>>happy^^

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