Friday, January 23, 2009

pictures finally!

it's been ages since i last uplaod my picz about skool.
coz cameras are forbidden mah.
and i din apply to bring my camera, so too bad. no photo.
but we always goes against the rules one la..
Elynn brought her camera, and so we start to camwhoring~!
here u go!

from left: Mariam, Sam, Elynn, Me
I'm the tallest. wakakaka.
spot my GREEN nike bottle!

im sick tht day actually.
and tht's Jess's Jacket.
and im hugging Elynn. hehe^^
ya. The Threesome.
top left: Me, Mariam, Sam, Elynn
bottom left: Sze Lam, Rui Yi
and im pointing my mum's cookies, haha.

stay tuned for more photos!!!

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