Thursday, January 15, 2009

busy rojak busy

this is already the 2nd week of school..
and ntg much happen..
juz being busy busy busy.. 
but nt as busy as those chairmans in my class la...

seriously.. i really dunno wat to blog.. im juz talking craps...
so let's start the craps..

i like to talk in class nowadays..
tho last time too..haha
and i like to laugh like nobody is thr..
and !!!
i seems like to sleep in the class nowadays..
coz yee ching(my neighbour) was always the one who sleeping, and make me felt sleepy too..
and i like english period!!!
haha, the 1st time i like english period..
coz Miss Malar is so funny.. tht make me keep laughing laughing laughing...

oh ya.
and one thing.
im being bad bad student nowadays..
haha.. tho my frens says, "How u bad, oso not bad de la!"
wateva la.. im wearing short socks.. using pins on my hairs.. wearing uniform to paly badminton, bringing handphone to school (shhhhh)...
so im hiding away from the discipline teacher and tht mcd everyday..
coz im wearing short socks and my hair is untidy..
*u better really be careful!! coz one of my fren juz got cut by the headmistress*
but all this stuff is nt tht bad oso la...
haha... swt.. ==

and one more thing!
the co-curiculum thingy.
so this year i decided to chg my society again!!!
last year, i always say i wanna join VBALL !!
but this year...a new society pop up, and i wanna join!!!
it's 24 drum la!~~ haha
and my 2nd choice is Che-Ling, go google if u dunno..
and the third which was the last choice, i'll chosse Maths la..
i wanted to write VBALL.
but i dun think mum'll allow me, and i dun wanna be darker..
and also if im nt the skool team, it's equal to wasting my time..

so ya!
after you read this post..
i think u really cant get the point im saying la..
coz i seriously dunno wat to blog about.
cameras are forbidden in skool, so i cnt take photos!!!
but i'll bring oso la.. see when only.. haha
sorry la...
coz i really no idea of blogging wat..
im hunting a new blogskin nw, being bored of this sleep all day ady.. haha


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