Tuesday, December 30, 2008

wth!? i hate u skool!!

phoebe called me up this afternoon.
told me tht she's gonna in Sr2ScB nxt yr.
and ash too!!!
why they wanna seperate us?!
i hate this skool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.T im crying.
ashhie, im gonna miss u damn much!!!!!
babe, i wan u to be wif us always!!!! 
argh!!!! hate this f*cking skool!!!!!!!

so po phoebe!
im so gonna miss u much much too!!
tho we juz knew each other this year..
but we really like know each other very long time liddat..
ur actions all so funny. talking style..laughing style..
so gonna miss it la!!!

this gang will be incomplete without u two guys!!!!
im so sad now.
hate this skool.
why cnt we juz remain the same??! 
damn it!!!!

current mood~> sad T.T

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