Sunday, December 28, 2008

we are the one!

another post about my work again~~
teehee.. juz cnt get rid of it la!
i still hav today, monday, tues, thursday... 4 more days!!!
to hang out wif them only!!!
i've been spending about 3 weeks wif them ady.. gonna miss them after work..
hope to meet Race, in Chong Hwa, if i go thr.
hope to meet Xin Lu, if her skool's vball team having a match wif our skool's.
hope to meet Hui Ying.. if i meet her la!

there goes!
the 4 of us!
4 part timers~!
top from left, Race & ME
down from left, Hui Ying & Xin Lu
Xin Lu and me!
Xin Lu's 16. vball team in her skool.
luv BLACK to the max!
ash, im wearing it too! haha
me and Hui Ying.
she's 17. juz finished SPM.
tiny cute girl. haha.
me and Xin Lu again.
she eating PIE APPLE *actually is apple pie la,, but she like to say pie apple*
eating in the STORE ROOM LA! kesianNya
Race and Me!
sot sot girl..
left her Bata shoe in her locker everyday..
and wash her socks once in two days.. swt..==
Xin Lu went home liao. 
if not we hav our family photo again!

to ash,
gosh, u bought T77, huh?!
luckily u din buy GREEN one.. if nt arr..
ur camera sure everyday let me use liao!! haha
i wanna use, i wanna use on thursday, kay??

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