Sunday, December 21, 2008

my cadet life!

i missed my cadet life la.
felt a liltle bit regret to quit cadet this year.
i miss the activities, the camps.. and most important is..
MY FRENS!!!!!!
but i wont join back again.
nxt year would me 24 drum or vball turns!
actually im blogging this to prove i've been a cadet b4!
sumone dun believe wor...==

F1 tht time!!! 
2005 Camp @ Kepong FIRM
spot me? i hate my look!

if u're geng enuf! 
spot me la!

F2 tht time.
2006 Camp @ Genting, Dusun Eco.

balloon balloon~
u shud me able to see me.

the last year of mine.

ya. im regret.
but it's over ady.
looking forward~

current mood~>Happy =)
current song on iTunes~>Apologize, by OneRepublic

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