Tuesday, December 02, 2008



aren't they just so CUTE ?!

the above four is the same baby girl~
born on 2nd of April, 2008.

Heng Shi Qing. 王诗晴

very very cute, wont cry de!!

these two boys are the brothers of the baby girl.

left>>Heng Peng Han, 王朋瀚

born in 13th May, 2005

right>>Heng Peng Yong, 王朋镛

born in 30th March, 2003

me and yong yong~

me and han han
sometimes these two boys argh....
make me goes mad!
they two arr, always fight to play for phone..
and then make my phone hang hang dei!! 

aiya.. nvm lar.. they are still cute.

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