Sunday, July 27, 2008

BBQ with Japanese~

heh heh..
long time din upload photos ady~
today got mood..
so.. here's some photos..
went to midv after skool..
with phoebe, ash, Risa(Jpn), Juang(ash's fren), Yee Ching, Satoko(Jpn)
im capturing from the mirror..
but phoebe them cam-whoring..

phoebe with her drink
me and phoebe dun wanna wait them ady..
then both of is went to eat vietnamese food~

me and my drink..

actually is the same glass of drink as phoebe..
we shared.. to save money..

our food~
we din share..
dun worry..

phoebe went back at 4.30pm..
so..went to meet my parents..
bought lots and lots of stuff..
went to garden too~
and there was this shoe..
so worth it, u know?!
the actual price of the shoe is RM169.90..
but after marked down..
it became..
RM29.90 only!!!

wah.. quickly buy ady..

went back home at 7.10pm liddat..
reached home at 7.55pm..
i still got tuition arrgh...
summore is 8.00pm!!
summore i not yet bath...
quickly get those things done..
managed to reach teacher's house at 8.15pm..
luckily not to late..

me and letitia~
not my specs..
it's hers..
tht's why she looks so BLURrr...

another two guys at my tuition..
right>> Kah Jun..
left>> Pak Yong..


went to yee ching's house for BBQ~~
with the Japanese~~

up>> Yee Ching
Bottom>> Sam & Satoko

Up>>ME with sam's specs
Bottom: Specless Sam & Satoko

Sam is actually pointing Yee Ching's father's Starfruit.

we played badminton with Satoko b4 the BBQ


Added Phoebe&Donkey~

litting the charcoal..



muA+missy violet~


with her chicken wing~

me with my satay~

us with all things..

nice leh??
sam's good job!

another japanese joined us too!
from left>> Sam, Me, Furia(Jpn), Phoebe, Yee Ching


left>> Yee Ching's bro.
right>> Yee Ching's uncle.

Smile~! =)


Group photo!


washing our legs together..
heh heh...

played UNO with Satoko..
i hav a great day with them!!
will miss her!!
she's going back on tuesday..


my japanese name~
she wrote it!

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