Wednesday, June 04, 2008


(Picture from Malaysia Kini)
MALAYSIA-The fuel price was announced by the prime minister to be increase by 78sen at midnight from Rm1.92 per litre to Rm2.70 an increase of 40.6% meanwhile the diesel will increase to Rm2.58 per litre!!

since afternoon.. all the adults are talking about the increament of the petrol.. argh.. so boring..i noe it's very important to them, but since it's already liddat, juz accept it lor.. wat to do?? after knowing the actual price.. my dad say: " U go stay in the hostel la, save money..." i was like... "WAT?!" ... aiya, i noe my dad is just kidding oni lar..

tmr going to ntv7 to "record?" the math-game-competition thingy.. but!! it's not NTV7 ppl, is 8TV~ is juz 8tv using the place of ntv7, which is the Deal Or No Deal place.. so big ~~ so now.. the thing u need to do is.. pray tht yee ching will win in the 1st round, so tht i can go the 2nd round wif her..then oni u can see me in TV.. haha..

okay, okay.. now need to go to get my bag and put all the things i need to bring to there tmr~!

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