Friday, February 01, 2008

church cleaning

can u believe tht i actually went to church cleaning??!!
ya la, i actually went to church today, coz no skool, coz city day of KL
*why am i using so many COZ*
woke up @ 9 dis morning..
actually i dun wan go church de lor...
but at the end, force by dad n mum..
den went to church.. >.,<
ate breakfast @ Tian Tian n off to church
it was darn jam on the road to chucrh
waste almost 45mins to reach there!!!
reached church, start to clean...~
i cleaned the windows..
n noticed tht, i hav ntg to do!!!!!
decide to clean the pews,, but dihalau oleh dad saya..
dia cakap banyak dust..
den.. ntg to go!!!
luckily!! thx uncle tee eng, he asked me to go n buy two mops
n den mop the floor~
whee.. finally hav things to do
mop-ed the floor.. n had 100+ *not money, is drink*
ntg to do again.. =.=
ended up to clean the pews..
suddenly~ lee choo appeared
haha.. lee san looks lyk her~~ hairstyle, colour, name, especially FACe..*hah*
-lee san, dun beat me!!!, juz kidding.. haha-
later.. chat wif lee choo.. and was wondering ..
why the two pekerja 'paint' the 'thing' for the whole morning..
n changing their place.. again, again, n again...
so farnie man!!
lee choo went back home after a while..
n me .. boring again..
saw mum was chating wif aunty may ling..
haha.. decide to help my mum 拔白头发..
almost 50+ over .. haha..
then.. went back to home..
oh no.. i've been in church from 10+ to 4+..
so tiring..*though i din reli moved*
not going tml.. hehe ^^

i wan a bag 4 my camera!!

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